F1 bribe

Valencia boss charged with F1 race crimes

The man at the centre of the former F1 race in Valencia, Spain, has been indicted in court. A judge found that there is..

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6 May 2019

Lawyer: Ecclestone settled case for good of F1

  Bernie Ecclestone ended his bribery trial with a record $100 million payment for the good of formula one. That is the claim of the..

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21 Aug 2014

Ecclestone hails ‘capitalist’ court settlement

Bernie Ecclestone on Wednesday hailed the “capitalist system” that saw him escape a bribery trial by paying the German court a..

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7 Aug 2014

Judge ends Ecclestone trial after $100m deal

Bernie Ecclestone walked out of court on Tuesday with the corruption scandal that threatened to end his F1 reign and leave him in jail..

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5 Aug 2014

Ecclestone F1 corruption ‘acquittal’ set for Tuesday

Bernie Ecclestone is expected to put the corruption scandal behind him on Tuesday and return full-time to formula one. The sport’s..

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Lauda: F1 to ‘welcome’ Ecclestone court settlement

Niki Lauda says F1 should “welcome” the news that Bernie Ecclestone looks to have settled the high-profile corruption case that..

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4 Aug 2014

Ecclestone offers EUR 25m to settle bribery case

Bernie Ecclestone is willing to pay EUR 25 million to settle the corruption case, media reports said on Tuesday. The German news agency DPA..

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30 Jul 2014

Ecclestone upset with witness on Wednesday

According to an observer reporting for the Austrian press agency APA, Bernie Ecclestone was “visibly upset” on Wednesday. The..

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17 Jul 2014

Ecclestone says Gribkowsky payment an ‘insurance policy’

Bernie Ecclestone on Tuesday told his corruption trial in Munich that he made a $44 million payment to avoid bankruptcy. Prosecutors allege..

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CVC’s Mackenzie backs Ecclestone in F1 bribe lawsuit

F1 owner CVC’s chief Donald Mackenzie on Wednesday gave Bernie Ecclestone a boost. Mackenzie, CVC’s co-founder and chairman,..

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10 Jul 2014

Ecclestone’s bribery trial extended

Bernie Ecclestone‘s Munich trial has been extended. Originally, the F1 chief executive’s corruption hearings were set to..

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9 Jul 2014

Another witness backs Ecclestone’s bribery defence

Bernie Ecclestone‘s run of good form in court continued on Wednesday. Already this week, as the F1 supremo’s trial resumed in..

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3 Jul 2014

Witness gives Ecclestone good day in court

Bernie Ecclestone‘s defence got a boost on Tuesday, as the corruption trial continued in Munich. If found guilty of having bribed the..

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2 Jul 2014

F1 official ended Ecclestone testimony in tears

F1’s chief legal officer ended her day in tears after appearing as a witness during the Bernie Ecclestone bribery trial. Earlier this..

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26 Jun 2014

F1 team bosses where paid to sign contracts

Bernie Ecclestone‘s long reign at the top of formula one could end over an alleged multi-million ‘bribe’ paid to jailed..

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8 Nov 2013

No German trial for Ecclestone in 2013 says court

Bernie Ecclestone will not be in a German court on his bribery charges this year, the Munich court announced on Friday. Previously, the..

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20 Sep 2013

Ecclestone receives F1 bribery indictment

Bernie Ecclestone has been formally charged by German prosecutors for bribery, it emerged on Wednesday. It has been known since May that..

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17 Jul 2013

F1 owner CVC votes to keep Ecclestone despite charges

F1’s owners have voted to keep Bernie Ecclestone at the helm of the sport, despite reports German prosecutors have decided to charge..

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20 May 2013

No news on Ecclestone lawsuit until June

It will be at least June before anything more is known about Bernie Ecclestone’s bribery charges. It is believed F1’s..

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17 May 2013

Ecclestone will not quit because of German bribery charge

Bernie Ecclestone has played down the notion he might quietly retire off the back of his German bribery charges. Although F1’s..

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16 May 2013

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