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F3 team denies signing Adrian Newey

Nov.24 - A Formula 3 outfit has rejected reports that Adrian Newey, perhaps the most famous designer in F1 history, has signed up for 2016...

24 Nov 2015

Sainz: Verstappen comparison 'not fair' in 2015

Nov.23 - Carlos Sainz thinks he will look more impressive alongside teammate sensation Max Verstappen next year. As soon as Red Bull..

23 Nov 2015

Massa: Red Bull engine supplier problems not simple

Nov.20 - Felipe Massa does not believe Red Bull's argument that competitiveness alone is the reason the team struggled to find an engine..

20 Nov 2015

Van der Garde: Verstappen should keep racing 'damn hard'

Nov.19 - As his meteoric and history-making first season nears its end, the compliments are continuing to rain down on F1 teen sensation..

19 Nov 2015

Red Bull has 'no intention' to quit

Nov.17 - Red Bull is now confident it will be in formula one beyond next weekend's 2015 finale. Earlier, the energy drink outfit was..

17 Nov 2015

Father says Verstappen staying at Toro Rosso

Nov.15 - Max Verstappen's father has ended any uncertainty about the future, revealing the 18-year-old will once again race for Toro Rosso..

15 Nov 2015

Marko: 2016 'year of transition' for Red Bull F1 teams

Nov.14 - 2016 will be a "year of transition" for Red Bull's two F1 teams, official Dr Helmut Marko has declared. "We are keeping both teams..

14 Nov 2015

Horner: Red Bull has entered 2016 F1 championship

Nov.13 - Red Bull has confirmed reports it has dropped its threat to quit formula one at the end of this month. "Yes, we've entered the..

13 Nov 2015

Red Bull set for Infiniti-branded Renaults in 2016

Nov.12 - Pending a green light from owner Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull will stay in formula one with Renault engines next year. That is..

12 Nov 2015

Max vs Carlos - Memory Kick! - Brazilian Round

We couldn’t go to Brazil without testing our drivers on their football knowledge with a ‘Brazilian footballers’ memory game! Press..

10 Nov 2015

Ferrari re-opens door to working with Red Bull

Nov.9 - Ferrari has re-opened the door to helping solve Red Bull's engine supply crisis. Earlier, it was believed the Italian team had the..

9 Nov 2015

Illien plays down Red Bull engine solution rumours

Nov.6 - Mario Illien has played down speculation he will play a central role as Red Bull ends its engine supply crisis and races into 2016...

6 Nov 2015

Mateschitz slams rivals' lack of 'sportsmanship'

Nov.4 - Dietrich Mateschitz has accused Red Bull's powerful rivals of lacking the "courage and sportsmanship" to supply the team with..

4 Nov 2015

Mateschitz announces new deadline for crisis end

Nov.2 - Dietrich Mateschitz has confirmed that his end-of-October deadline for a resolution of Red Bull's engine crisis has been extended...

2 Nov 2015

Red Bull eyes Todt's help amid engine crisis

Nov.1 - Red Bull is now looking to the most powerful man in motor racing to help solve its engine supply crisis. Just as Red Bull magnate..

1 Nov 2015

Verstappen: High speed Mexico favours Mercedes

Oct.31 - Max Verstappen's father is not sure the 18-year-old can keep up with the front of the pack throughout the Mexican grand prix..

31 Oct 2015

Verstappen eyeing change of team for 2017

Oct.30 - Rumours are continuing to swirl around Max Verstappen, the 18-year-old F1 rookie sensation. Red Bull - although occupied with the..

30 Oct 2015

Red Bull drops quit threat as engine deadline looms

Oct.30 - Red Bull appears to have dropped its earlier threat to voluntarily quit formula one. As team owner Dietrich Mateschitz's..

30 Oct 2015

McLaren confirms veto for Red Bull-Honda engine deal

Oct.29 - McLaren has effectively confirmed reports it has vetoed the supply of customer Honda power units to Red Bull next year. With..

29 Oct 2015

Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 Showrun - Mexico City

Nearly time for the ‪#‎MexicoGP‬! But the Red Bull Family had already given the Mexican fans an ‪#‎F1‬ foretaste in June...

28 Oct 2015

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