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Bottas: 2014 F1 fuel saving not an issue

Valtteri Bottas has played down fears grands prix will become little more than fuel-saving affairs in F1’s new ‘green’..

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4 Mar 2014

Ecclestone: New F1 rules take time to adapt to

Depending on the forum, Bernie Ecclestone has contradictory views about F1’s new V6-powered era. Speaking to the specialist press,..

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5 Feb 2014

2014 F1 Season Regulation Insights video

SAP provides insights into the technical changes and challenges facing the team in 2014. We get the low-down on the vital role data has to..

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25 Jan 2014

FIA able to check fuel limits in 2014 F1 season

The manufacturer of a crucial fuel flow sensor is now ready for F1’s 2014 season. We reported last October that the governing FIA was..

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10 Jan 2014

Double points F1 rule supported by Todt & Lauda

Not everyone in formula one is opposed to the sport’s new ‘double points’ innovation. In fact, even the president of..

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27 Dec 2013

Ferrari asks F1 fans to speak up about double points

Luca di Montezemolo has urged F1 fans to make their voices clear, as he admitted he is no fan of the new ‘double points’ rule...

21 Dec 2013

Perez defends double points rule

Sergio Pérez has defended F1’s controversial new ‘double points’ rule for the 2014 season finale. With the sport moving..

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13 Dec 2013

F1 teams say no to heavier cars & mandatory pitstops

Formula one teams this week blocked moves to raise the minimum weight limit for 2014. Drivers like Daniel Ricciardo are hurriedly trimming..

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10 Dec 2013

Caterham Coanda exhaust legal says Giedo van der Garde

After Williams removed its controversial solution for the ‘Coanda’-effect exhaust late last week, heads are now turning in..

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26 Feb 2013

Renault F1 engine maps causing trouble for Red Bull & Lotus?

Hot on the heels of Williams and Caterham’s dubious exhaust exit solutions for 2013, trouble could also be brewing for F1’s two..

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25 Feb 2013

Mauro Forghieri: Todays F1 regulations makes cars look the same

Legendary former Ferrari designer Mauro Forghieri has lamented today’s F1 rules that make all the cars “look the same”...

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Coanda exhaust on Williams FW35 F1 car illegal

F1’s governing body has told Williams its exhaust solution for the newly-launched FW35 is not legal. It was already believed a..

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20 Feb 2013

2013 F1 season in shadow of 2014 FIA regulations

With the 19-race 2013 season not yet upon us, plenty of plans are already being made for the following 2014 championship. Asked what the..

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12 Feb 2013

Technical rule changes 2013 F1 season

Next 2013 F1 season will not have a lot of technical rule changes. Big technical changes like DRS, KERS, slick tyres, smaller wings or..

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21 Dec 2012

FIA confirms optional ‘stepped nose’ covers for 2013

FIA agreed on new F1 car regulations for the 2013 F1 season. Teams will be able to cover the unseemly ‘stepped noses’ on their..

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28 Sep 2012

New 2012 rules vs new 2012 tyres

See what the new rules and the new 2012 tyres are

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14 Mar 2012

F1 2011 News Updates by Inside Grand Prix no. 39

Brought by: www.f1-fansite.com In this episode we look at the USA F1 GP in Austin, Kimi Raikkonen back on the grid for 2012, Romain..

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13 Dec 2011

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