Gene Haas News

Ferrari made call to promote Schumacher to Haas

Dec.3 - Ferrari chose which one of its three 'academy' junior drivers would race for Haas in 2021, according to the American outfit's boss..

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3 Dec 2020

Gene: Sainz test would be in last year's Ferrari

Nov.30 - Ferrari is apparently making plans to prepare a 2019-spec car for Carlos Sainz to test early next year. The Spanish driver, who is..

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30 Nov 2020

Steiner wants Haas to keep racing for 20 years

Nov.9 - Gunther Steiner wants the Haas team to keep racing long after his retirement. Earlier this year, it was unclear if the small and..

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9 Nov 2020

In the pitlane - Gene Haas to decide

Last week Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean learned their services are no longer required by the Haas team. Grosjean told L’Equipe that..

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27 Oct 2020

Magnussen to meet Gene Haas over F1 future

Sep.5 - Kevin Magnussen says he wants to meet team owner Gene Haas in person to discuss his Formula 1 future. For 2021, Haas team boss..

5 Sep 2020

Team boss says F1 'still works' for Gene Haas

Aug.26 - Formula 1 still "works" for Haas team owner Gene Haas. That is the claim of Gunther Steiner, who runs the small American outfit..

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26 Aug 2020

Steiner: 'All signs' point to Haas staying in F1

Aug.13 - "All the signs" point to Gene Haas signing up to the 2021-2025 Concorde Agreement. That is the view of the small American team's..

13 Aug 2020

Haas drivers unsure about team's F1 future

Jul.17 - Haas' race drivers have admitted they are not sure the small American team will still be on the grid in 2021. Kevin Magnussen..

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17 Jul 2020

Steiner: No big decisions amid F1 uncertainty

Jul.7 - Haas will continue to tread water regarding the development of its 2020 car, according to team boss Gunther Steiner. As owner Gene..

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7 Jul 2020

Magnussen: Haas will stop if team does not improve

Jul.3 - Haas needs to up its game or team owner Gene Haas will pull out of Formula 1. That is the word from the small American team's..

3 Jul 2020

Steiner 'not certain' about Haas' F1 future

Jun.19 - "Nothing is certain" about the future of the small American team Haas in Formula 1. That is the admission of team boss Gunther..

19 Jun 2020

Grosjean: Haas quitting F1 is 'a possibility'

Romain Grosjean admits there is a "possibility" Haas will be closed down after 2020. Team owner Gene Haas and boss Gunther Steiner have..

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23 Mar 2020

Owner says 2020 could be Haas' final season

Gene Haas has admitted that 2020 could be his team's last season in Formula 1. This year is the American team's fifth season on the grid,..

13 Mar 2020

Team boss admits Gene Haas could quit F1

Team boss Gunther Steiner says he is waiting to hear if Haas owner Gene Haas will commit to Formula 1 beyond 2020. The American team had a..

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16 Nov 2019

Team owner has 'doubts' about Haas future

Haas team owner Gene Haas has "doubts" about the American team's future in Formula 1. That is the admission of team boss Gunther Steiner,..

11 Nov 2019

F1 teams would welcome 'strong' new competitors

Formula 1 may not get any new teams on the grid until 2022 at the earliest, sporting boss Ross Brawn said at Spa. Brawn said it might be..

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31 Aug 2019

Wolff: Formula E changes 'nothing' about F1 project

Despite racing ahead with its Formula E plans, Mercedes remains committed to Formula 1. That is the news from team boss Toto Wolff, even..

23 Aug 2019

Steiner: F1 still discussing refuelling return

F1 is still discussing the potential return of refuelling for 2020. On Tuesday this week, the sport's key stakeholders met once again in..

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26 Jul 2019

Steiner says Twitter account is fake

Gunther Steiner has denied that a Twitter account in his name is controlled by him. The account, whose official handle is 'BanterSteiner',..

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22 Jun 2019

Huge crash between Alonso and Gutierrez Australian GP

 Fernando Alonso drives with his MCLaren straight in the back of the haas from Esteban Gutierez when he was gonna take over at the..

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5 Nov 2018

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