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Tyres are a very important asset of racing and teams and drivers spend a fortune on analysing the wear of each used a used tyre. By analysing the used tyres they can learn how to get the most durability & performance out of the tyres.


Tyre management vital at 2012 F1 GP of Japan

The 2012 Japanese Grand Prix puts the biggest energy loadings through the tyres all year, with the two P Zero compounds that have been..

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5 Oct 2012

Make winter the best season for driving

This video has not very much to do with Formula 1 but, it’s a nice one so we didn’t want hold it back. Sponsored by..

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4 Oct 2012

Suzuka 3D Track Experience by Pirelli

2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Japan ‘from a tyre point of view’ by

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2 Oct 2012

Pirelli: 2012 Japanese Grand Prix tyre point of view

This year, Pirelli will bring the P Zero Silver hard and P Zero Yellow soft tyres to Japan: a change from last year’s nomination when the..

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1 Oct 2012

Pirelli wants more compounds

Sep.23 (GMM) Pirelli would like to be able to choose from more than just four different compounds of tyres as it makes its selections for..

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23 Sep 2012

Monza 3D Track Experience

Wacth an animated video about the Italian GP ‘from a tyre point of

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4 Sep 2012

F1 Circuit Spa 3D animation

See the most important corners of the Spa-Francorchamps driven for the Belgian GP ‘from a tyre point of

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29 Aug 2012

What’s special about F1 Tyres?

The tyres in Formula One present themselves as black and beautiful but volatile this season. Without a doubt, they are a key to success...

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24 Aug 2012

Pirelli says 2010 test car solution not ideal

Aug.21 (GMM) The notoriously-small operating 'window' of this year's Pirelli tyres could have been avoided, with the help of the competing..

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21 Aug 2012

Pirelli: Tyre war bad for F1

Aug.6 (GMM) Pirelli chief Paul Hembery thinks it would be wrong for formula one to return to the 'tyre war' era. Recent rumours hinted..

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6 Aug 2012

F1 considering tyre blanket ban – report

Jun.25 (GMM) F1 is considering a ban on tyre-warming blankets, the German language publication Motorsport Magazin reports. Journalist..

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25 Jun 2012

Fingers point at Pirelli after ‘odd’ qualifying

Jun.23 (GMM) Luca di Montezemolo pointed his finger at Pirelli on Saturday as he slammed an "odd" qualifying session at Valencia. A..

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23 Jun 2012

Paul Hembery – Live Chat from Bahrain

Paul Hembery hosted a live chat on Facebook on Saturday 21th April. He answered to many questions that came from the fans inside the chat..

23 Apr 2012

Bahrain 3D Track Experience

Bahrain GP ‘from a Pirelli tyre point of

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18 Apr 2012

Shanghai 3D Track Experience

Shanghai GP ‘from a Pirelli tyre point of

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13 Apr 2012

Pirelli Mission – Spice Up Formula 1

F1 2012 season has just started and this is our mission: spice up Formula

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27 Mar 2012

Sepang 3D Track Experiencea

Sepang GP ‘from a Pirelli tyre point of

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21 Mar 2012

New 2012 rules vs new 2012 tyres

See what the new rules and the new 2012 tyres are

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14 Mar 2012

Pirelli F1 Tyre History

Pirelli had an important role in the evolution of the racing tyres, starting from 1951 with the introduction of Cinturato. In this video we..

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24 Jan 2012

Hungarian Grand Prix – 3D Track Experience

Pirelli Tyres on Hungaroring, lenght 4.381 KM, race distance 308.683

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31 Jul 2011

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