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F1 engineHere you can find the latest F1 engine news.

Since 1950 F1 has used a variety of engine regulations. In the beginning there were no turbo engines. Formula One currently uses 1.6 litre four-stroke turbocharged 90 degree V6 reciprocating engines.

Did you ever here the magnificent sound of the BRM V16?

Burnout Formula 1 car with V10 engine

This sound sample is made by a F1 car that’s doing some donuts with an V10 engine. Burnout Formula 1 car with V10

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22 Oct 2012

McLaren looking for other F1 engine

McLaren is reportedly seeking a new engine partner for its famous formula one team. The Woking based team has been powered by Mercedes..

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22 Oct 2012

Cosworth F1 engine maker for sale

After having lost its best F1 customers Williams and Caterham, in recent months it has been discussed as an open secret in the grand prix..

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17 Oct 2012

Renault CEO: We will stay in Formula 1

Renault no longer owns and runs its own team, but amid the manufacturer exodus of a few years ago, the marque chose to stay on the grid as..

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28 Sep 2012

Ecclestone happy with sound of V6 engine – report

Sep.12 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone is now happier with the prospect of F1's V6 engine rules switch. Until now, the F1 chief executive's..

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12 Sep 2012

Confusion remains after Vettel’s alternator problems return

Five races after the worrying events of Valencia, the looks of concern are back on the faces at Red Bull and Renault. At Valencia,..

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9 Sep 2012

Engine switch ‘wise’ despite loss of V8 scream – Domenicali

Sep.2 (GMM) Stefano Domenicali has admitted the F1 fraternity may initially struggle to adapt to the "new noise" of 2014. The sport is..

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2 Sep 2012

Ferrari fires up V6 on test bench

Aug.28 (GMM) Ferrari has confirmed reports it already has a V6 engine up and running. We reported a fortnight ago that F1's likely..

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28 Aug 2012

Head thanks Renault for Williams turnaround

Aug.22 (GMM) Williams' radical improvement this year, after the 5-point debacle of 2011, has much to do with Renault. That is the view..

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22 Aug 2012

2014 suppliers now running real V6 engines – report

Aug.13 (GMM) F1's three engine manufacturers for 2014 are hard at work on their new turbo V6 designs, Germany's Auto Motor und Sport..

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13 Aug 2012

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