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Massa: Tyres to blame for F1 rain delays

Aug.16 – Pirelli has hit back at claims it is to blame for the dearth of wet-weather racing in formula one today. Whilst safety..

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16 Aug 2016

Kvyat backs world champions’ F1 criticism

Jul.22 – Daniil Kvyat has backed the complaints of two multiple champions as today’s face of formula one comes under the..

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22 Jul 2016

F1 to revive grid starts for wet races

Jul.22 – Following a spate of recent criticism, F1 could revive the old concept of starting wet grands prix from the grid. Although..

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22 Jul 2016

Abiteboul: F1 must change or ‘disappear’

Jun.24 – Cyril Abiteboul on Friday has given a hard-hitting interview with the German press, boldly criticising key aspects of the..

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25 Jun 2016

Villeneuve: ‘Sober’ F1 no longer ‘excessive’

Jun.9 – Jacques Villeneuve prefers the “excessive” F1 of the past, compared to today’s “sober”..

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9 Jun 2016

Villeneuve slams safety car start in Monaco

Jun.1 – Jacques Villeneuve has slammed F1’s race director for starting the ‘jewel in the crown’ Monaco grand prix..

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1 Jun 2016

Kvyat ‘not afraid’ of Red Bull criticism

May 27 – Daniil Kvyat insists he is “not afraid” of speaking his mind in the wake of his controversial demotion by Red..

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27 May 2016

Raikkonen under fire over motocross track

May 5 – Kimi Raikkonen is under fire for building a motocross circuit on his land in Finland without obtaining the necessary permits...

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5 May 2016

Briatore rules out return to ‘boring’ F1

May 4 – Flavio Briatore has ruled out returning to formula one. The flamboyant Italian left F1 in disgrace amid the..

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4 May 2016

Button & Alonso critical of F1 officials

Apr.17 – Senior drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso were critical of F1’s management in Shanghai on Saturday. First,..

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17 Apr 2016

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