In this great interview recorded back in december 2017 you can get a blimps of the great entrepreneur Ron Dennis. With some luck, great skill, ambition and endless devotion he took McLaren to the top. In this extensive interview he gives us some great insights he experienced during his career and life.

Some of the topics Dennis talks about in this video are:

  • Why and how he started his own racing team.
  • How he got F1 world champion Graham HIll to drive his F2 cars.
  • How he raised enough money for the rebirth of McLaren.
  • How the buy-out went of McLaren shareholder Teddy Mayer back in 1982
  • What he actually thinks about cars.
  • The car accident he had in a Jaguar E-type during his twenties.
  • How he made it possible for McLaren to get the very first carbon fiber monocoque.
  • The why and how the McLaren Technical Center in Woking was made possible.
  • His negotiations during his company buy-out and the strategy he applied that he learned from Ayrton Senna.
  • The secret of his success.
  • What he's most proud of he achieved in his life.

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