The French GP looked to be another epic Leclerc-Verstappen battle of the types that have characterised the 2022 F1 season: Charles led from the pole and withstood the early-lap pressure from Max - to the point where the Red Bull's tyres began to overheat, inviting Max to stop early for a new set of Pirelli mediums.

Only two laps later, though, Leclerc crashed at the demanding T11 Horseshoe corner, spinning wildly into the tyre wall after catching a left-rear on an outside entry kerb. In this video, Peter Windsor describes the incident as one of the most surprising he has ever seen - but goes on to offer a possible explanation as to why Charles was running uncharacteristically wide at this point of T11. Peter also details Max Verstappen's winning day; Lewis Hamilton"s stunning drive into second place (on the occasion of his 300th F1 start); the raw aggression of both George Russell and Carlos Sainz; and the beautifully-paced drive of Alpine's Fernando Alonso.

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