The day after being announced as a Formula One driver for Williams Racing, Logan Sargeant completed the post-season test in Abu Dhabi. His journey is just beginning.

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17 F1 Fan comments on “Logan Sargeant's F1 journey begins now!

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Nothing wrong with 'pay drivers', been around forever. Lauda paid for his drive, in the US Peter Revson was a good example. The racing $$$ has to come from someplace. The problem is no or little talent rich kids taking up space in a limited environment to satisfy their daddy's voyeurism.

        • smokey

          Lauda and Revson are examples of guys who really had the talent and needed some financial support to drive their case. Sadly, Peter Revson was tragically killed too soon.
          Going back in time, we thought with the introduction of sponsorship to F1, back in the late 60's, that more cars would appear on the grid paid for by the corporate sponsors. That has happened to a degree, and F1 is now overflowing with money.
          However, I think somewhere along the way F1 has lost the plot! Years ago, in the days of drivers such as Clark, Fangio, Brabham, Hill, Surtees, et al, they achieved their drives in F1 because of pure talent. These days you get a drive in F1 depending on the contribution from your family! We expected with the arrival of big corporate sponsorship money that F1 drivers would be there because of their skills and talent alone. We have been hoodwinked! Where does all the money go? Obviously not to the good of F1!

          • shroppyfly

            I guess some rich guys like the sennas and revlon empire ,family money helped , but those guys had the talent anyway , just to many young guys with rich dads as ror says , all the money in the world doesn't help, if you
            haven't the talent to win or majorly impress, that Shadow team was the poisoned chalice unlucky can you get

  1. shroppyfly

    The Grands Prix in Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, the USA and Brazil are the six races Formula 1 has chosen to host 'sprint' events in 2023.

    The list was agreed after analysis of which tracks would be best suited and discussions of commercial terms with the race organisers.

    The number of sprint events is doubling because F1 says they increase revenue and television audiences.

    I hadn't seen this posted anywhere but i could be wrong, the fun bit is F1 Says it revenue, Yeah for liberty, or do the teams then get a bigger slice of the revenue?

    • Jere Jyrälä

      The above video isn't about Sprints, which is why your post is off-topic, i.e., the Sprint article is relevant for Sprint-related posts, which was my reference.

  2. Blo

    Same the world over, racing dinghy, horses,etc. All in an attempt to bask in the reflected glory that inevitably never comes for most. Natural talent always prevails and you can’t buy that. Look at James Hunt, didn’t give a shit and still won.


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