F1 circuits have never been more demanding than the original Spa road course in Belgium's Ardennes forest. Ultra-fast and ultra-treacherous, particularly in the semi-wet, the old Spa was as much a testament to survival as it was to pure motor racing. And no race in Spa's history was more dramatic than that of 1966, when it was dry at the start but wet around the back - horrendously wet. Ferrari's

John Surtees touched the clouded sky that day and dominated his opposition with an exhibition of dazzling car control that will never be forgotten. Some five years ago (2 years before he passed away), on a glorious spring day in the garden of the Surtees family home in Surrey, England, Peter Windsor spoke to Big John about his classic 1966 Belgian GP win - his last F1 race for Ferrari. Now you can enjoy this conversation with recent edits and audio improvements.

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