Responding to more comments from viewers, Peter Windsor at 00:00 addresses the question of whether F1 is a sport, a show or primarily an exhibition of superlative technology.

Also in this video (which is part 2 of a trilogy): the relationship between wrestling and F1; the ongoing angst surrounding F1's carbon footprint; and THAT last lap in Abu Dhabi...

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Is F1 sport or a show? 2021 Reviews by Peter Windsor (2/3)

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    IMO, Peter Windsor is absolutely the best rational observer of our sport. I listen to him and my silent voice is screaming yes, yes, exactly. Maybe it's because he is a self-proclaimed 'traditionalist', or maybe it is just that I identify well with a fellow dinosaur. :) My guess is that not many young fans bother reading his stuff.

  2. Susan

    I wonder how Fangio would feel about all this. The theatrics, the over statements and drama by teams. What ever happened to just pure racing? That’s what makes watching Le Man so entertaining. Endurance, reliability and less personalities and drama.

  3. smokey

    Unfortunately, the young generations of today have not had the privilege of witnessing the times when F1 was indeed a sport, and drivers such as Clark, Moss, Fangio, Brabham, Surtees, Hill, Rindt, Stewart, et al, entertained with superior driving skills and were true sportsmen both on and off the track and were admired by all. Yes, the 1960's was a great bygone era for F1. Remember the Longford circuit? That required superior skills to master!
    I refer to the era before big sponsorship became part of F1 and transformed what was once the epitome of motor sport into a business and a show. I believe there are now too many people, such as Bernie Ecclestone and Helmut Marko, attracting media attention with misinformation, ridiculous prophecies and absurd statements to try and fulfil their own egos. However, I guess that is all part of the side-show!
    F1 was once a true sport. Alas, it has slipped into a D grade side-show. True, the drivers are all real athletes and real talent, however, the media has transformed their driving skills into a nonsense cat and dog side-show!


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