In the latest episode of INSIDER, join Aston Martin F1 Partner Executive Xenia Hughes at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix to explore the world of F1 sponsorships. Go behind the scenes as F1 pays its respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Nyck de Vries drives the AMR22 for the first time, and we host exciting sponsor events at one of the most iconic races on the calendar.

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One F1 fan comment on “Aston Martin Spotlighting F1 sponsorships at the 2022 Italian GP

  1. shroppyfly

    Gonna go gently on this one, but bless her, not QE2 but this person, where she grew up and went to school, a Welsh school, compulsory to speak/learn welsh till 11yr then its optional , now being 2 miles from Welsh border myself, Wales population 5m, with just 500000k daily welsh speakers, anyway enough on that...,if i hear the phrase" once in a lifetime experience anymore" what tosh, if Perona/Aramco or any sponsor wanted to come to every race, not really once in a lifetime is it...., and AM f1,i get it its sucking up to sponsors they all do it, but, and here's the controversial bit, the North Wales accent isn't the most, lets say kind to the ears, hence why i presume the video makers felt the need to subtitle her voice, now if they think we need subtitles, , what do the sponsors get when chatting to her..!, oh and note Seb arriving on his bike (with helmet)-take note scooter Lulu and blondie.


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