What does it mean to #GetCloser? Really, it’s quite simple.

Formula 1 is a team sport. But the team you see on TV every weekend is just the tip of the iceberg. We count more than 550 people in our number, both trackside and at our factory.

And then there’s the media, our partners and above all our fans – all of whom have a role to play not just in the success of this team but of the sport we all love.

It’s a shared sense of pride, dedication and passion that drives us. That makes us all part of the story. That makes us all heroes.

Sure, F1 is a complex sport – perhaps more so than any other. But it’s as human as it is technological. Where performance meets emotion. Data meets gut instinct. Machine meets heart.

So, what does it mean to #GetCloser? Join us on our journey and find out for yourself, as we bring you into the heart of what this team is all about.

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