[0:00] I'm here to extend a hearty congratulations to myself for securing an outstanding win—making McLaren a formidable contender once more. My speed was unmatched, and my performance, flawless. I've transformed everyone into winners today—you're welcome!

[0:23] This isn't my inaugural Grand Prix victory; I've topped many before. Countless races have seen my triumphant finish, each one a remarkable feat. Some of the most thrilling racing moments, some say the finest ever witnessed. Even Verstappen couldn't match this pace, let me tell you. Once again, I've propelled McLaren to greatness—so here's a shoutout to myself for this splendid victory!

[0:53] "Hello, Lando! It's Carlos. Congrats! I'm thrilled for you. You've always been a steadfast competitor—undefeated in 111 consecutive races, no less. It’s what everyone will remember. Cheers, mate!"

[1:13] "Hey Lando, huge congratulations on clinching that Grand Prix win. It's an exhilarating achievement. I remember my first win back in 1952 at the Grand Prix of Bit Fano—it was unforgettable, and you reminded me of my own racing days. Excellent job controlling that car!"

[1:38] "Hi Lando, just ringing to congratulate you. Sometimes luck plays its part, and today it was on your side. My car had its challenges—what was going on with those tires? Adrian's barely out, and it's falling to pieces! Hope you enjoyed last night, I'm already gearing up for the next race. See you on track!"

[2:01] "Cheers, mate! Let's grab a drink soon!"

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