Ayrton Senna was a racing driver and triple Formula One world champion.

A passionate athlete who was revered and feared by his contemporaries, Senna’s life and career (although cut short) is one that is etched into the history books.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Ayrton Senna Story | Full Documentary

  1. CGB

    This is one of the worst documentaries I’ve ever seen and an absolute disgrace.
    It shows clips of contemporary F Fords and F3s not period shots of Senna’s cars in the 1980s, then CGI “footage” of a racing car at Monaco in context of Semmelweis performance there in the Toleman. It inaccurately captions Stirling Moss as Formula One Champion and then shows a clip of a Historic F1 race at Thruxton when describing his first GP victory at Estoril. That’s just in the first 8 minutes. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore but I doubt if it gets any better.


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