Dive into the heart-pounding Singapore GP, masterfully dissected by none other than Peter Windsor! 🏁🔥 Watch as Ferrari's Carlos Sainz, with breathtaking finesse, claims victory amidst a whirlwind of edge-of-your-seat moments. From the gripping rivalry between the Ferrari teammates - Sainz and Leclerc, to the nail-biting duel between Sainz and Mercedes' rising star, George Russell. Witness Mercedes' bold strategic call to revert to medium Pirelli tyres and the thrilling finale as Sainz's tyres fade and the McLaren of Lando Norris hungrily shadows him. Marvel at the blinding pace of the Mercedes duo as they chase down the leaders, culminating in a dramatic last-lap showdown involving Russell and Norris.

Against the dazzling backdrop of Singapore, Sainz emerges triumphant, halting Red Bull's unmatched 2023 streak. Meanwhile, watch Max Verstappen rally from a tough qualifying, surging into P5 and narrowly missing out on overtaking Leclerc's Ferrari at the finish line.

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One F1 fan comment on “2023 Singapore F1 GP race analysis by Peter Windsor

  1. Tommy

    Lets see Max lost a combined total of 31 points to the 4 drivers who finished ahead of him out of a lead on those 4 drivers of 923 points and still gained 6 points on his teammate who sits 2nd overall in the WDC. I'm pretty sure RB and Max are going to be just fine.


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