1. Camera pans as the 16 cars get away at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix race and go along the harbour side into back view - title scene.
  2. Several cars racing past crowded stands just after the start.
  3. Cars rounding right hand bend, camera pans on car No 30 as they go away into back view.
  4. Camera pans as cars race down long straight road.
  5. Cars climbing long hill out of Monaco, & Camera pans on No 28, a Ferrari driven by Mike Hawthorn, as the cars go into back view round left bend.
  6. Camera pans as cars turn in from sea front through the town.
  7. Three cars coming out of tunnel and along harbour side.
  8. Crowded stands as cars race by.
  9. Three cars coming out of tunnel and along harbour side.
  10. Camera pans as No 32, a Maserati driven by Fangio, enters the Chicane where the pile up of the three British divers took place. We see Stirling Moss' wrecked Vanwall at the side of the road.
  11. Mike Hawthorn's and Peter Collins' Ferraris piled up beside the harbour.
  12. Moss' Vanwall lying beside the road.
  13. Crowds watching by the harbour.
  14. Argentinean driver Carlo Menditeguy climbing out of his car after it had also crashed at the Chicane.
  15. He is helped to the roadside by some men.
  16. Camera pans as he enters the sea front.
  17. Fangio crosses line in his Maserati, he is the winner.
  18. Spectators.
  19. Juan Fangio wiping his face with water at the end of the race. Tony Brooks is second.

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