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1958 Formula 1 Entry List

Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1958 F1 season to run for the ninth Formula 1 title in the drivers championship and first ever constructors title.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the statistics about them.

Formula One 1958 F1 World Championship
1United States Jimmy BryanEpperlyOffenhauser
2United States Jim RathmannEpperlyOffenhauser
2Italy Luigi MussoFerrariFerrari
2United Kingdom Peter CollinsFerrariFerrari
2Belgium Olivier GendebienFerrariFerrari
4United States Pat O'ConnorKurtis KraftOffenhauser
4United States Phil HillFerrariFerrari
5United States Ed ElisianWatsonOffenhauser
6United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrariFerrari
6Argentina Carlos MenditeguyMaseratiMaserati
7United States Johnny ThomsonKurtis KraftOffenhauser
8United States Rodger WardLesovskyOffenhauser
9United States Johnny BoydKurtis KraftOffenhauser
10Italy Giorgio ScarlattiMaseratiMaserati
10United Kingdom Tony BrooksVanwallVanwall
12United Kingdom Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwallVanwall
12United Kingdom Bernie EcclestoneConnaughtAlta
12United Kingdom Horace GouldMaseratiMaserati
12United States Bruce KesslerConnaughtAlta
14France Jean BehraBRMBRM
14United Kingdom Paul EmeryConnaughtAlta
14United States Troy RuttmanMaseratiMaserati
14United States Bob VeithKurtis KraftOffenhauser
15United States Paul RussoKurtis KraftNovi
16United States Harry SchellBRMBRM
16Germany Wolfgang von TripsFerrariFerrari
16United States Jimmy ReeceWatsonOffenhauser
18United Kingdom Alan StaceyTeam LotusClimax
18Sweden Jo BonnierBRMBRM
18Netherlands Carel Godin de BeaufortPorschePorsche
19United States Johnnie TolanKuzmaOffenhauser
19United Kingdom Dick GibsonCooper-ClimaxClimax
20United Kingdom Ron FlockhartBRMBRM
21Germany Edgar BarthPorschePorsche
22Italy Giulio CabiancaMaseratiMaserati
22United States Masten GregoryMaseratiMaserati
24Germany Wolfgang SeidelCooper-ClimaxClimax
25United States Jack TurnerLesovskyOffenhauser
26Italy Gerino GeriniMaseratiMaserati
26United Kingdom Ian BurgessCooper-ClimaxClimax
26United States Don FreelandPhillipsOffenhauser
27Belgium Christian GoethalsCooper-ClimaxClimax
28United Kingdom Stirling MossVanwallVanwall
28United Kingdom Ivor BuebTeam LotusClimax
28United Kingdom Roy SalvadoriCooper-ClimaxClimax
29United Kingdom Brian NaylorCooper-ClimaxClimax
29United States A.J. FoytKuzmaOffenhauser
30United Kingdom Jack FairmanCooper-ClimaxClimax
30United Kingdom Tony MarshCooper-ClimaxClimax
31United States Paul GoldsmithKurtis KraftOffenhauser
32United Kingdom Graham HillTeam LotusClimax
32United States Carroll ShelbyMaseratiMaserati
33United States Tony BettenhausenEpperlyOffenhauser
34Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMaseratiMaserati
34United Kingdom Cliff AllisonTeam LotusClimax
36France Maurice TrintignantCooper-ClimaxClimax
38Germany Hans HerrmannMaseratiMaserati
40Spain Paco GodiaMaseratiMaserati
42Italy Maria Teresa de FilippisMaseratiMaserati
43United States Billy GarrettKurtis KraftOffenhauser
44United States Jud LarsonWatsonOffenhauser
45United States Johnnie ParsonsKurtis KraftOffenhauser
48France André GuelfiCooper-ClimaxClimax
50Italy Luigi TaramazzoMaseratiMaserati
50Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxClimax
50Australia Ken KavanaghMaseratiMaserati
52New Zealand Bruce McLarenCooper-ClimaxClimax
52United States Al KellerKurtis KraftOffenhauser
54United States Bill CheesbourgKurtis KraftNovi
54France François PicardCooper-ClimaxClimax
54Italy Luigi PiottiOscaOsca
56Monaco André TestutMaseratiMaserati
56Monaco Louis ChironMaseratiMaserati
56United Kingdom Tom BridgerCooper-ClimaxClimax
57United States Art BischKuzmaOffenhauser
58France Robert La CazeCooper-ClimaxClimax
59United States Dempsey WilsonKuzmaOffenhauser
61United States Eddie JohnsonKurtis KraftOffenhauser
65United States Bob ChristieKurtis KraftOffenhauser
68United States Len SuttonKurtis KraftOffenhauser
77United States Mike MagillKurtis KraftOffenhauser
83United States Shorty TemplemanKurtis KraftOffenhauser
88United States Eddie SachsKuzmaOffenhauser
89United States Chuck WeyantDunnOffenhauser
92United States Jerry UnserKurtis KraftOffenhauser
97United States Dick RathmannWatsonOffenhauser
99United States George AmickEpperlyOffenhauser
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