1954 F1 Teams & Drivers Overview

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1954 Mercedes-Benz W196

1954 Formula 1 Entry List

Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1954 F1 season to run for the fifth Formula 1 title in the drivers and constructors championship.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with a lot of statistics about them.

Formula One 1954 F1 World Championship
1United States Jim RathmannKurtis KraftOffenhauser
2United States Jack McGrathKurtis KraftOffenhauser
2Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedesMercedes
4Italy Nino FarinaFerrariFerrari
4Italy Piero TaruffiFerrariFerrari
4Germany Karl KlingMercedesMercedes
5United Kingdom Roy SalvadoriMaseratiMaserati
5United States Paul RussoKurtis KraftOffenhauser
5United States Jerry HoytKurtis KraftOffenhauser
6Germany Hans HerrmannMercedesMercedes
6Argentina Onofre MarimónMaseratiMaserati
6United Kingdom Ron FlockhartMaseratiMaserati
7United States Don FreelandPhillipsOffenhauser
8United Kingdom Stirling MossMaseratiMaserati
8Argentina Jorge DaponteMaseratiMaserati
9United States Jimmy BryanKuzmaOffenhauser
10Belgium Paul FrèreGordiniGordini
10Argentina Roberto MieresMaseratiMaserati
12United States Eddie JohnsonPawlOffenhauser
12United States Rodger WardPawlOffenhauser
12Belgium André PiletteGordiniGordini
12Italy Sergio MantovaniMaseratiMaserati
12United Kingdom Reg ParnellFerrariFerrari
14Italy Luigi MussoMaseratiMaserati
14United States Bill VukovichKurtis KraftOffenhauser
16Spain Paco GodiaMaseratiMaserati
16United States Jimmy JacksonKurtis KraftOffenhauser
16United States Tony BettenhausenKurtis KraftOffenhauser
16United States Marshall TeagueKurtis KraftOffenhauser
17United States Bob SweikertKurtis KraftOffenhauser
18Thailand Prince BiraMaseratiMaserati
19United States Jimmy DaywaltKurtis KraftOffenhauser
20France Robert ManzonFerrariFerrari
20France Élie BayolGordiniGordini
20Italy Giovanni de RiuMaseratiMaserati
21Germany Hermann LangMercedesMercedes
21United Kingdom Peter WhiteheadCooper-ClimaxAlta
22Germany Theo HelfrichKlenkBMW
22United Kingdom Bill WhitehouseConnaughtLea-Francis
22Switzerland Ottorino VolonterioMaseratiMaserati
22Switzerland Toulo de GraffenriedMaseratiMaserati
22France Roger LoyerGordiniGordini
23United Kingdom Leslie MarrConnaughtLea-Francis
24United States Harry SchellMaseratiMaserati
24United Kingdom John Riseley-PrichardConnaughtLea-Francis
24United States Cal NidayStevensOffenhauser
25United Kingdom Don BeaumanConnaughtLea-Francis
25United States Jimmy ReecePankratzOffenhauser
26France Louis RosierMaseratiMaserati
26United Kingdom Leslie ThorneConnaughtLea-Francis
27United Kingdom Alan BrownCooper-ClimaxBristol
27United States Ed ElisianStevensOffenhauser
28United Kingdom Ken WhartonMaseratiMaserati
28United Kingdom Horace GouldCooper-ClimaxBristol
28United States Larry CrockettKurtis KraftOffenhauser
29United Kingdom Bob GerardCooper-ClimaxBristol
30United Kingdom Eric BrandonCooper-ClimaxBristol
30United Kingdom Rodney NuckeyCooper-ClimaxBristol
30Belgium Georges BergerGordiniGordini
30Belgium Jacques SwatersFerrariFerrari
31United States Gene HartleyKurtis KraftOffenhauser
32United Kingdom Lance MacklinHWMAlta
32United States Ernie McCoyKurtis KraftOffenhauser
33United States Len DuncanSchroederOffenhauser
34United States Duane CarterKurtis KraftOffenhauser
34Italy Alberto AscariLanciaLancia
34United States Troy RuttmanKurtis KraftOffenhauser
35United States Pat O'ConnorKurtis KraftOffenhauser
36Italy Luigi VilloresiLanciaLancia
36Argentina Carlos MenditeguyMaseratiMaserati
38Argentina José Froilán GonzálezFerrariFerrari
38Italy Umberto MaglioliFerrariFerrari
38United States Pat FlahertyKurtis KraftOffenhauser
38United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrariFerrari
40France Maurice TrintignantFerrariFerrari
42United Kingdom Peter CollinsVanwallVanwall
42United States Fred WackerGordiniGordini
43United States Johnny ThomsonNichelsOffenhauser
45United States Sam HanksKurtis KraftOffenhauser
45United States Andy LindenKurtis KraftOffenhauser
45United States Johnnie ParsonsKurtis KraftOffenhauser
45United States Art CrossKurtis KraftOffenhauser
45United States Jimmy DaviesKurtis KraftOffenhauser
46Argentina Clemar BucciGordiniGordini
46France Jean BehraGordiniGordini
48France Jacques PolletGordiniGordini
51United States Bill HomeierKurtis KraftOffenhauser
65United States Danny KladisBrommeOffenhauser
65United States Spider WebbBrommeOffenhauser
71United States Frank ArmiKurtis KraftOffenhauser
71United States George FonderKurtis KraftOffenhauser
73United States Mike NazarukKurtis KraftOffenhauser
74United States Bob ScottSchroederOffenhauser
77United States Fred AgabashianKurtis KraftOffenhauser
88United States Manny AyuloKuzmaOffenhauser
98United States Chuck StevensonKuzmaOffenhauser
98United States Walt FaulknerKuzmaOffenhauser

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