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On this edition of Talking Bull - It's a Team Radio special! We hear from Max Verstappen and his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase as they dive into the complicated and often confusing world of F1 team radio. From brake bias to box, box, box we decode some of the messages you are likely to hear between drivers and race engineers over an F1 weekend.

We also catch up with Alexander Albon who was recently confirmed with the Team for 2020 as well as Red Bull athlete and legendary surfer Mick Fanning PLUS we end with the brand-new song from Albert Hammond Jr!

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One F1 fan comment on “Talking Bull: Team Radio

  1. Micci

    Oldwit - I myself have been watching F1 on terrestrial tv since Damon Hill had the number '0' on his race car and F1 was shown by the BBC. The advent of satellite tv (Sky)(buying the rights to everything sports) is just about killing off the only sport I truly watch - uk channel 4 is valiantly keeping staunch,but can only show us highlights and these include the dreaded adverts. Liberty Media own the commercial rights and have a stranglehold on this sport,so would the teams not be better to break away and rebrand themselves and bring the sport back to the people,giving the ever hungry shareholders a body swerve? In the past I have waited up all night to watch the Japanese GP (for instance) but I can't put that sort of dedication to Highlights'.


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