A year out of F1 has changed Kevin Magnussen’s world. He’s now a father, he’s moved back to his native Denmark with his family and he’s tasted US sportscars and the Le Mans 24 hours. When the chance to return to F1 with Haas suddenly came along, Kevin Magnussen said yes immediately.

No fear. No doubt that it’s where he belongs. Kevin tells Tom Clarkson how it felt to lose his place in F1, why his second stint in the sport feels different, what it’s like racing as a dad, and his goals now he’s back in F1.

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One F1 fan comment on “Kevin Magnussen 2022 Beyond the Grid podcast interview

  1. shroppyfly

    Interesting, whats he being paid 2-5 M a yr , not that he hasn't already earnt enough out of Msport , never to work again id imagine, found it a bit odd, lots of mentions about his Dad, but none about his Mother? not that he has to , im just saying....

    Has to be the most chilled man on the grid, a nice touch about KM he sued his ex manager for a few M too, don't mess with the Danes.. or you'll get a pointy helmet thrust into your face .

    For the Haters... Suck my balls...!


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