This week’s guest was a brilliantly fast racing driver – in pure pace terms, arguably one of the best over his years in the sport. Jarno Trulli won only the one race, at Monaco in 2004, but he put in many sensational qualifying performances - often seemingly out-performing his machinery.

Tom Clarkson spoke to him about all of the above, as well as what it was like to be Fernando Alonso’s team mate, how much he enjoyed driving for Alain Prost, why he never won for Toyota (despite some close calls) and much more…

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One F1 fan comment on “Jarno Trulli 2021 Beyond the Grid podcast

  1. George O'Sullivan

    For Tom Clarkson

    Re Jarno Trulli, Great interview Tom, I was praying you would ask him about the famous 2005 Indianapolis F1 race where he put the car on pole ,

    My Brother and I were really surprised to see him after 10.30 pm Saturday night walking downtown with some friends when we assume most F1 pilots are in bed with a glass of milk ,

    We always wondered if he along with the team were aware already that on Sunday race day he would only be doing a parade lap and one real Lap ? and not a full 2 hour grand prix.

    Trulli was a true talent .

    Great work on the Podcast Tom . Thanks George from Toronto


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