What was your first reaction when seeing Romain's crash on TV? Nico Rosberg was shocked and so impressed by Romain Grosjean's strength – it's truly an F1 miracle...so inspiring to listen to Romain's powerful story!

0:00 An intense chat with Grosjean
0:55 Romain's Next Steps in IndyCar
2:53 Start of Romain's F1 Career
7:50 Racing with Alonso
9:45 F1 Comeback & Crashes
12:30 Working with a Psychologist
20:40 Kimi vs. Alonso: Who's faster?
22:20 Most beautiful F1 moment?
24:50 Grosjean on his Halo criticism
25:45 Grosjean on his Fireball Crash
30:50 Grosjean's Hand & Medical Treatments
31:40 What the Crash Changed in life
33:30 Having less Fun in F1
35:15 How a Psychologist can support everyone
40:15 The decision to keep Racing
44:20 Out Takes: How to race without power steering!

It's been a pleasure to speak to former F1 driver Romain Grosjean. He shared insights on his next steps after F1 and how he enjoys racing in IndyCar. Of course, he also shares insights on one of the biggest F1 Miracles so far: Romain Grosjean's F1 Fireball Crash in Bahrain 2020. I got goosebumps listening to his personal experiences and I'm so inspired by his strengths and life-lessons.

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