Ok, so there wasn’t much overtaking, but Monaco still served up some great talking points - and Damon, Natalie and Tom are back to discuss them all!

From Charles Leclerc’s qualifying crash to Mercedes’ off colour day and Max’s perfect weekend, they dig into it all. Plus there’s chat on Sainz’s progression, Norris’s continued excellence and whether Sebastian Vettel has finally found his mojo.

And if that wasn’t enough, Damon answers another listener question, this time on the harsh realities of swearing in the cockpit.

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One F1 fan comment on “F1 Nation podcast: 2021 Monaco GP review

  1. Bernard Simkins

    I feel your inference that Lando comment re Danielle struggles more to drive an imperfect car where Carlos diesnt was was not Lando having a dig at Danelle it was simply Lando saying his thoughts. Perhaps a bit naïve to say in public but typical journalists want a headline and so make it into something it clearly wasnt. Lando does not come across as a person playing verbal games with a team mate. Lando has the potential to be a future world champion just look at his history in racing before F1 , simply stunning. Danielle knows Lando is no number two and he is going to need his A game to get on level terms with Lando.


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