He’s that rarest of creatures: a multifaceted, outgoing personality who also happens to be a world-class competitor, beloved by fans, media and even his fellow drivers.

On this week’s show we go deep with Daniel Ricciardo on his life on and off the race track, from his present with Renault to his past with Red Bull; his relationship with Max Verstappen to his relationship with music, food and ultimate fighting. You asked for it, here it is: F1’s most colourful character in extended, unfiltered conversation.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Beyond the Grid interview

  1. Sandi

    What a guy! Daniel is so enlightening and down to earth and we can relate to him. We are avid fans and we wish him only the very best in 2020. Merry Christmas to you and your family Daniel.

  2. Les

    Ricciardo won 3 races in 2014 not on merit but because both Mercedes cars had problems. "Expected to have won a title or three by now " - talk about getting ahead of yourself.
    He is overrated , his passing ability is overrated because he had the Red Bull car , he hasn't been able to do that with the Renault , at times very clumsy.


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