Event: Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix
Track: Jeddah Street Circuit

F1 Qualifying Results 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc driving the Ferrari F1-75

Weather: dry 23.4°C
Tarmac: dry 25.6°C
Humidity: 58%
Wind: 3.4 m/s SE
Pressure: 1014.2 bar

Sergio Perez qualified as quickest for the first time in his F1 career and scored pole position for tomorrow's second Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. It was the 74th pole for Red Bull Racing.

The fastest street circuit of the calendar was lit up by 600 floodlights as the daylight was gone already at the start of qualifying. All drivers again had 18 minutes to try and go quick enough to get into Q2. All cars were fitted with the soft compound tyres in their first run, except both Mercedes' who used a set of mediums. After the first run

With 11:22 min to go the session got stopped by a red flag because Williams driver Nicholas Latifi had spun off and crashed in turn 13. The FW44 had hit the barriers and had to be recovered. Latifi was ok and was able to walk away unharmed. Max Verstapppen, Sergio Perez, Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Fernando Alonso and Yuki Tsunoda still had not clocked a lap time up till then.

Tsunoda's quali session was called back to the pits because his AlphaTauri had a technical issue. With 5 minutes to go the drivers that had to improve to get into Q2 were: Tsunoda, Latifi, Alex Albon (Williams), Nico Hulkenberg (Aston Martin), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

No driver improved enough to get into Q2. It was the first time since the 2017 Brazilian F1 GP that Hamilton didn't make it to Q2.

Mercedes driver George Russell was the only driver to use the medium compound tyres again this session. Esteban Ocon was blocked by the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo on a fast lap with the Alpine. Ricciardo probably is going to get a time penalty for it.

With 5 minutes to go the following drivers were in the drop zone: Ocon, Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), Kevin Magnussen (Haas), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Zhou Guanyu.

Two seconds later Mick Schumacher had a high speed crash into the concrete barrier at turn 10 with the right side of the Haas. The Haas driver was talking to the doctor but had to be returned to the paddock with the ambulance. The complete Haas VF-22 was wrecked as the rear of the car had even broken off. Before the session restarted Schumacher had left in the medical helicopter to get checked up in a nearby hospital.

After time had run out the drivers who made it in to Q3 were Ocon and Magnussen. They pushed out Lando Norris with the McLaren and Schumacher. Norris only came 0.033s short on Russell who occupied P10.

F1 Qualifying Results 2022 Saudi Arabian GP & Pole Position

Pole position qualifier Sergio Perez (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

The last 12 minutes of the session it was between the quickest 10 drivers of today. Leclerc and Verstappen drove out right behind the each other. After the first run it was Ferrari in front with Sainz on P1 with a time of 1:28.402 min. Verstappen was only 6th, because he could not get his tyres into the right operating windows.

With 4 minutes to go Sainz was on pole, Leclerc 2nd, Perez 3rd, Ocon 4th, Russell 5th, Bottas 6th, Alonso 7th, Verstappen 8th, Gasly 9th and Magnussen 10th.

When the finish flag dropped it was Perez who scored his maiden pole position after 216 F1 races.

The pole position time of last season in Jeddah was a 1:27.511 min driven by Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes W12.

Quali Times 2022 Saudi Arabian GP

111Sergio PérezRed Bull1:29.7051:28.9241:28.20020
216Charles LeclercFerrari1:29.0391:28.7801:28.22522
355Carlos SainzFerrari1:28.8551:28.6861:28.40223
41Max VerstappenRed Bull1:28.9281:28.9451:28.46122
531Esteban OconAlpine1:30.0931:29.5841:29.06819
663George RussellMercedes1:29.6801:29.6181:29.10421
714Fernando AlonsoAlpine1:29.9781:29.2951:29.14720
877Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo1:29.6831:29.4041:29.18322
910Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri1:29.8911:29.4181:29.25422
1020Kevin MagnussenHaas1:29.8311:29.5461:29.58824
114Lando NorrisMcLaren1:29.9571:29.65116
123Daniel RicciardoMcLaren1:30.0091:29.77317
1324Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo1:29.9781:29.81917
1447Mick SchumacherHaas1:30.1671:29.92013
1518Lance StrollAston Martin1:30.25615
1644Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:30.34311
1723Alexander AlbonWilliams1:30.4929
1827Nico HülkenbergAston Martin1:30.54310
196Nicholas LatifiWilliams1:31.8174
RT22Yuki TsunodaAlphaTaurino time2

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14 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Qualifying Results 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

  1. shroppyfly

    Fantastic quali , great for SP and the whole top ten really, ive said it before and today its been proven , F1 does not need LH

    Nice for Haas with kmag, No 1 driver at Merc ?

    • guttersniper 1

      he s not needed or wanted,a spent force.its easy to win with the fastest car. today was great 2 fast teams 4 fast drivers and competition real competition for places.no kneeling, messages on t shirts,or fashion show.shamilton humbled ha ha.any team orders at mercedes f1 yet?

      • Blofly

        Liberty needs him complete with idiosyncrasies.you might not but millions of his fans do and they bring billions to Liberty.
        Every world champion has had the best car, even Fangio.
        The over rated Schumaker had the best car and was a punished cheat.
        Sir Jackie was arrogant, outspoken did a huge amount of good and wore skirts.

        They’re all human are you?

        • shroppyfly

          Sir Jackie was arrogant, outspoken did a huge amount of good and wore skirts IN YOUR OPINION ,
          I prefer to say bloody good driver, an example to many a new driver in his era and now , a king on promoting, no demanding safer tracks,and a very good businessman., oh and a pretty good Team owner too

          If MSC was so bad why does the F1 world say he was so good, even hasbeen Hamster wants to be better than him, but he cant beat his tally of WDCs

          • Blofly

            There you go, you’ve just described Hammy perfectly.Hasbeen? Until the massive and acknowledged cheat at the very end of last season Hammy had won his eighth wdc. Some has been!
            Am I wrong, was MSC not given a ban for cheating?come to that FA was lucky to get away with it when Flav fixed his race. He and msc both had the same teacher.

            Sometimes the truth hurts Strop.

      • shroppyfly

        That Mercs obviously not a bad car , GR did ok in it So why not LH?

        did anyone see where they've paid apparently 900 M$ For a 10yr contract, pay enough and no one cares you stone or murder your own it seems .
        I think SS pays 20M$ to have the race, mmmm all that history, but heh 90M is a lot of money for sand in your airbox

  2. Jax

    Before the Hater brigade gets overly excited, and that goes double for the flying insect overlord of you bunch, the infamous Super Fly, let me warn you to humble thy selves. If MS Jr. has demonstrated anything, it's that tomorrow has a high possibility of being carnage upfront. Especially with a desperate overzealous Lucky Champ not in the top 3 and zero points so far! So starting further down may benefit in such a scenario.
    You have been warned!!

  3. Jere Jyrälä

    Hamilton's early elimination was entirely surprising.
    I reckon he might even resort to a pit exit start through setup changes as he might have a better chance this way than starting P16 with the present setup.
    The most important thing is Mick is okay, but could he even get forced to withdraw from the race?
    I don’t entirely rule out this possibility, considering Cem Bolukbasi.

  4. Blofly

    Interesting. I predict a sham race between Ferrari and Red Bull, Ferrari world champs,Mercedes tyres built like jumping beans (can’t fix the car if it’s not the car that’s the problem),Sir off to Alpine to replace a retiring Alonso, Alpine world champs 2023 or 2024 Mercedes taken over by VW Audi,drivers George, Carlos.Toto retires.
    I am probably wrong but boy would it keep the fans interested and Stroppo silly, Sir is creating far more interest by being off the pace than if he was on pole.

    • scott groves

      i cant believe sir lewis is at the back of the pack,what is going wrong here.when the going gets tough the tough get going.he will be backbetter than ever next gp.


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