Event: Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix
Track: Baku Street Circuit

Max Verstappen driving the Red Bull Racing RB16B Honda on track

Weather: dry  26.9°C
Tarmac: dry  50.7°C
Humidity : 43.8%
Wind : 0.3 m/s NE
Pressure: 1013.5 bar

Charles Leclerc scored his 4th F1 pole position of his career, during the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying session today. The Ferrari driver will start from P1 for the first time in Baku. It was the 230th pole for the Ferrari F1 team.

Max Verstappen's car was fixed quick enough to take part this qualifying session after the Dutchman crashed in turn 15 during FP3. George Russell was less fortunate after his engine's water pump failed in the back of the Williams. The mechanics were still very busy fixing the car at the start of Q1.

Charles Leclerc was the first to set a lap time. The Ferrari drivers used soft tyres and clocked a 1:42.532. Both Mercedes cars were the only ones that used the medium tyres in their first stint. Just after Leclerc completed his first lap Lance Stroll hit the wall at the notorious turn 15 with the Aston Martin. The Canadian driver demolished the complete right front of the car and had to step out. This caused a red flag to recover the car.

For Williams and George Russell the red flag was quite fortunate and gave them enough time to be ready to take part in Q1 and try to make it into Q2. With 14:01 minutes left the session was restarted. Both Mercedes cars now were fitted with a new set of red tyres. Max Verstappen ended up as quickest in the Red Bull with the quickest lap of the weekend so far (1:41.760).

Mick Schumacher driving the Haas VF-21 at turn 15 on at the Baku City Circuit

Not long after Verstappen completed his lap the second red flag was deployed due to yet again a crash in turn 15. Now it was Antonio Giovinazzi who hit the wall in Alfa Romeo. There was 9:22 min left on the clock while 10 drivers even were not' able to get a lap time on the timesheet.

With 5 minutes to go the drivers in the dropzone were Russel, Nikita Mazepin (Haas) and Mick Schumacher (Haas). The other 2 places were already occupied by Stroll and Giovinazzi. Russell was able to improve enough to get into Q2 and even was 13th fastest in the just on time fixed Williams.

After being nowhere whole weekend Lewis Hamilton had found the sweet spot of the Mercedes again and drove a quicker lap time than Verstappen and put the Mercedes on P1.

With 5 minutes to go Verstappen was quickest with a 1:41.625 min. Perez was second on only 0.005s, Hamilton on 0.009s and Leclerc on only 0.0034s from P1. The drivers who had to improve to get into Q3 were Esteban Ocon (Alpine), Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri, Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) en Russel.

The top 7 positions were only 0.188s apart and Ricciardo pushed to much to get into Q3. He was going to quick in turn 3 and wrecked the right front into the barrier. The third red flag and the end of Q2 was the result.

Tsunoda had a great lap and improved to P4 and pushed out Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel.

After the first lap times were clocked Charles Leclerc was quickest. with a 1:41.218. Lewis Hamilton was 2nd on 0.232s and Max Verstappen was 3rd on 0.345s. Pierre Gasly drove an amazing lap in the AlphaTauri again and even was 4th before the last laps were driven.

The session ended with a fourth red flag. This time Tsunoda caused the session to end early when he crashed in the same corner as Ricciardo and Sainz also crashed his Ferrari in the same corner a few moments later.

The pole time of last Azerbaijan GP was a 1:40.495 min driven by Valtteri Bottas for the Mercedes team back in 2019.

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Qualifying Times 2021 Azerbaijan GP

116Charles LeclercFerrari1:42.2411:41.6591:41.21819
244Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:41.5451:41.6341:41.45021
333Max VerstappenRed Bull1:41.7601:41.6251:41.56319
410Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri1:42.2881:41.9321:41.56518
555Carlos Sainz Jr.Ferrari1:42.1211:41.7401:41.57618
64Lando NorrisMcLaren1:42.1671:41.8131:41.74720
711Sergio PérezRed Bull1:41.9681:41.6301:41.91718
822Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri1:42.5211:41.6541:42.21119
914Fernando AlonsoAlpine1:42.9341:42.1951:42.32720
1077Valtteri BottasMercedes1:42.7011:42.1061:42.65921
115Sebastian VettelAston Martin1:42.4601:42.22415
1231Esteban OconAlpine1:42.4261:42.27311
133Daniel RicciardoMcLaren1:42.3041:42.55814
147Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo1:42.9231:42.58715
1563George RussellWilliams1:42.72812
166Nicholas LatifiWilliams1:43.1288
1747Mick SchumacherHaas1:44.15810
189Nikita MazepinHaas1:44.2389
RT18Lance StrollAston Martinno time2
RT99Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeono time4

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16 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Qualifying Results 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

  1. shroppyfly

    Good result for max to be that close esp with Lucy having that superskinny wing fitted to the back of his car, tyres will be thing tomorrow i suspect..

  2. David Gladwin

    What's the betting on Hamilton the winner. Poor old Bottas seems unlucky - perhaps Mercedes want him out so that Hamilton has no competition.

  3. Jax

    Well well, how interesting a qualy. Let's sum up.
    Leclerc got lucky by a tow behind Hammer to clinch pole. With the Hammer and the Max hunting him down he'll likely disintegrate within 30 laps maximum. And if you think this is just conjecture on my part, Here's a quote from the pole sitter. "It was a shitty lap I thought! There were like two or three corners where I did mistakes, but of course I had the big tow from Lewis in the last sector which helped me". End quote.
    The top 3 have no teammate support.
    Is there any Redbull scout in this forum? Are you paying attention to Gasly? We're you listening when I said replace Perez with him?
    Jap drivers don't last too long in F1; nuff said!
    Alonso finally in a top 10 shootout.
    And finally, you've heard of the walking dead, well Bottas is the driving dead Lol. He's good as done.

    • shroppyfly

      i think Jax, youll find the Full Quote as follows

      “There were two or three corners where I did mistakes, but then of course I had the big tow from Lewis in the last sector which helped me a little bit. Overall, I think we would have been thereabouts for pole anyway without the slipstream.

      So not conjecture, more like wishful thinking from you at this stage, stop telling Porkies or im going to have to rename you Tonto

  4. Jax

    He THINKS!!! Key word. Not a statement of fact, so irrelevant. Hammer had the fastest final sector time by a fair difference, and given the delta and Merc's top end speed, there's no guarantee he would have gotten poll without that tow.
    Relax sonny Fly.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Jax, the key word in LEC's comment was 'thereabouts'. Sir Lewis did a good job gaining first row and it was well worth it to see the sour expression and interview from Marko's godson, but LEC did an even better job in the red car even if he has a tough fight to gain a podium. My hope (dream) is that HAM and VER collide at turn #8 and have a fistfight in the runoff area while Totster and the christian go at it in pitlane. Now THAT would be fun.

  5. shroppyfly

    To sum it up as you like to say ,just pulling you up on the wording of the quote Jax, nothing else, just as theres no guarantee he would not have got pole without the tow, I dunno Jax ,you should work for Tonto, you can do better pr than him at the moment

    So when Lulu says he thinks something its a statement of fact and relevant but when the polesitter says he "thinks" something its irrelevant ah gotcha now .

  6. Jax

    Now you're just making up stuff Fly old pal Lol smh. Stop being fixated on a quote and focus on hoping Hammer loses the race so you can get drunk with euphoria.

  7. ReallyOldRacer

    Before we get all weepy for BOT let's observe that he has had the opportunity to drive the best car on the grid for 5 years and is a multiple GP winner, and been paid for it. All told, a pretty good run.


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