Jul.19 - Toto Wolff says he will do what he can to enable Valtteri Bottas to have a "great future" in Formula 1.

Amid sweeping rumours that the Finnish driver is set to lose his seat to George Russell for 2022, Mercedes boss Wolff hailed Bottas' role in supporting Lewis Hamilton throughout the British GP weekend.

"Valtteri was really fast today," he told Ilta Sanomat newspaper, after Bottas first gave Hamilton a slipstream in qualifying and then obeyed team orders in the race.

"Lewis came from behind with hard tyres and was just in a different class than everyone else. Valtteri was second fastest and helped Lewis," Wolff admitted.

"He's a great team player with the right kind of personality," he added.

However, it is widely believed that Bottas, 31, is currently weighing up his options for 2022 - with Alfa Romeo or Williams looking to be his best ones.

Previously, Wolff was personally involved in the management of Bottas' career alongside Mika Hakkinen and Didier Coton. Today, Hakkinen and Coton are still handling the Finn.

When asked if he will also do his best to help Bottas, Wolff answered: "If there is a situation where we want to give someone else a chance, it's not just about my relationship with him.

"I see it as my duty, because he deserves a great future," he added.

"He has been a teammate of the best Formula 1 driver in history, and it is not always easy to shine in those circumstances. But he has been fantastic."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff now vows to help Bottas to have a 'great future' in F1?

  1. bent spanner

    Unfortunately, there is not a seat available for Bottas to show his true talent. Unless WILLIAMS have a Hidden Gem tucked away for 2022.

  2. f1award

    Bottas has had a seat to show his talent for over 3 years now and is still failing. Couldn't get anywhere near Leclerc let alone LH despite LH's penalty. Only finished ahead of Norris because of a Maclaren error during the pit stop.

  3. shroppyfly

    How much arse licking regarding VB for 22 can LH do ffs, so gracious , what with Toto holding a gun to his head lolololol, now what we are going to do is Invert the cars, Bottas, what does that mean?, Toto , er just let Lewis through will you ....Cos invert sounds much better than let him past .

    Mercedes unsurprisingly orchestrated a switch of places on lap 41 of 52, Bottas moving aside, and that allowed Hamilton a clear run to chase down and pass the Ferrari, which he eventually did to wild celebrations from the sun-baked home crowd in the grandstands.

    Bottas is in a position now where he knows he has nothing to gain from not playing the team game, with his Mercedes seat very much on the line, but Hamilton nevertheless gave high praise to his co-operation.

    “I’m really grateful to my team-mate. He really is a great team-mate and without his participation we wouldn’t have won the race,” the 36-year-old Briton told Sky F1.

    “I was chasing down Valtteri and he was so gracious to work so well as a team-mate to allow me to pass, so I could chase the win for the team.

    “That’s great sportsmanship, I really do appreciate it.”


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