Sep.27 - Toto Wolff is refusing to rule out a scenario in which Lewis Hamilton decides to leave Mercedes at the end of the season.

Eddie Jordan, who is also predicting that Ineos will buy the works Mercedes team, claimed last week that Hamilton should team up with Max Verstappen at Red Bull.

"I wondered what Eddie had been drinking," said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner when asked about that.

"Look, from a fan's perspective he's absolutely right, but I've not heard from Lewis recently, so I can only imagine he's staying where he is."

Wolff, however, repeatedly insists that he is yet to "sit down" with Hamilton to discuss extending the six-time world champion's contract.

"Never say never," he said when asked about Jordan's prediction. "I've seen crazier things in my life.

"But I don't see why Lewis would do that," Wolff added. "He has a very strong personal bond with the Mercedes brand and the team that he helped to create.

"At the moment we are giving him the best car and we have mutual trust in each other. We still have successful times ahead of us.

"I do not believe such a move for him would be rationally understandable."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff not ruling out Hamilton-Red Bull deal

  1. Paul Wolstenholme

    Bottas seems to lack insight, without which he is unlikely to progress. Does he really believe that victory at the Russian Grand Prix was down to his amazing driving ability? Not that but for Vettel screwing up Lewis’s time in Q2 (forcing him to start the race on the short-lived soft tires) and two totally undeserved penalties. he would have been left for dust? Perhaps he relies on divine intervention?


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