Mercedes' new red Halo will not feature on the 2019 car beyond Sunday's Monaco GP.

In Monaco, there were tributes all around for Niki Lauda, the Mercedes team chairman and F1 legend who died at the age of 70 last Monday.

One of Mercedes' tributes was the red Halo, but boss Toto Wolff says that will no longer be on the car in Canada.

"The Halo was a one-time thing," Speed Week quotes him as saying. "From Canada it will not be red anymore.

"The red star, on the other hand, we will keep on the car as well as Niki's signature. He did so much for this team that we want to keep a memento on the car.

"And until we find something better to honour Niki, the star and the signature remain, both of which I find very beautiful," Wolff added.

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