Oct.24 - Toto Wolff admits that Max Verstappen and Red Bull's world title wins in 2022 are "absolutely deserved".

As the uncertainty and anger surrounding Red Bull's budget cap breach continues, Red Bull paid ultimate tribute to the death of late founder Dietrich Mateschitz on Sunday by sewing up the first constructors' title win since 2013.

In every year since then, Mercedes lifted that championship cup.

Wolff thinks Red Bull is'brave' to reject Porsche deal

Toto Wolff

"They were really up front everywhere this season and didn't make any mistakes," Mercedes boss Wolff said when asked in Austin about Red Bull's successes.

"They came out of the blocks with a good car and have continued to develop - both titles are absolutely deserved," he told Sky Deutschland.

Mercedes has struggled in the first year of the new 'ground effect' aerodynamic rules, but took a big package of upgrades to the United States.

"The upgrades have had an effect," Wolff insists.

Lewis Hamilton, however, lamented in Austin that the gap to Red Bull and Mercedes still exists - even though he was only 5 seconds behind Verstappen at the chequered flag as the Dutchman equalled the all-time F1 record of 13 wins in a season.

"The car wasn't easy to drive," Hamilton said afterwards. "And we just weren't fast enough.

"Now we still have three chances so hopefully that victory will come at some point. But unless something drastic happens, it's highly unlikely that we will have the true pace to be able to compete with them."

George Russell has struggled in particular with the 2022 Mercedes at recent races, and on Sunday earned Carlos Sainz's ire by hitting the Ferrari in the first corner of the US GP.

"George no longer has confidence in the car," Wolff admits. "It's too unpredictable for him, too moody in different conditions, too susceptible to wind. That's why he doesn't get everything out of it anymore.

"But we are closer overall. The update worked and with the luck of the brave we could have won.

"We're taking hamster steps, but they are bringing us closer."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff admits Red Bull 'absolutely' deserves 2022 F1 titles

  1. Blo

    Was that last sentence intentional?

    If that was a past it Hamilton in a slow car to difficult for George it dons’nt say much for the rest. Except Max obviously.
    Cap solution
    Reduce points for 2021, give Hamilton the title he won, big fine for 2022 but no further points deduction. Everybody happy. Fia doesn’t lose face..

  2. Nobodysperfect

    As far as I know. Red Bull and the FIA are still debating about what belongs in the budget cap and what doesn't. The media is already talking about a penalty. I would not be surprised if the conclusion will be that RB didn't exceed the budget cap at all and only gets a warning.

  3. shroppyfly

    Excuses from what Christian calls the team with the best facilities, and engineers, excuses from both drivers,with defeatism from the female driver.whats the word , oh yeah Karma x 2 .What were the upgrades that worked meant to achieve, certainly not SPEED, only 5 seconds , do me a favour, if the Rb mechanics had not been counting their bonus money , the Dame would have been 35 seconds behind at the flag, 5 seconds makes it sound close lol

    • TruePost

      It was just the usual imaginary beblah beblah, followed by the usual imaginary Lewis excuses, like 'I did the best humanly possible, but Max had a better car...'

      LH fans used to say the best drivers got the best cars! I guess they were right. The only reason the US race looked close for Lewis are the snafus in the Red Bull pit and poor Ferrari luck.


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