Mar.3 - With Lewis Hamilton's contract expiring in just ten months, Toto Wolff is openly admitting that Max Verstappen is on Mercedes "radar" for 2022.

Seven time world champion Hamilton on Tuesday defended his mere one-year deal, and declared that his political activism is more important this year than winning a record eighth title.

The 36-year-old also said whether he keeps racing in 2022 will be all about whether he continues to enjoy it.

"I have decided. I don't want that (winning the title) to be the deciding factor. If all you're going for is accolades, I feel I could potentially lose my way," said Hamilton.

His boss Wolff, however, is keen to almost immediately get into 2022 contract talks with the British driver.

"What we have decided is to discuss things much earlier this year and not at the end of the season," he said at the launch of Mercedes' new car.

As for Verstappen, who may be available thanks to a performance clause that was revealed recently by Red Bull, Wolff added: "Max is certainly an outstanding young driver who will undoubtedly be on everybody's radar in the future.

"But we are not flirting outside before we have a clear understanding with our two drivers."

Wolff also denied that Hamilton's motivation appears to be slipping, as the record winner of 95 grands prix revealed on Tuesday that he has only done 30 laps in the simulator this winter.

"I have no doubts about his motivation," said the Mercedes team boss. "He loves racing and we enjoy working with him.

"We discussed this in detail and of course the priorities can change over time."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team boss says Verstappen is on their radar for next season

    • shroppyfly

      if MV has another storming year, i cant see any other option re top driver, for the case not to employ him, ferrari seats sown up , mclaren and AM too, so what choice does toto have if LH stops ? unless you think ocon is a option, for me its MV and GR in mercs re 2022 all the way

  1. David Larison

    Mark my words, if Max goes to Mercedes Hamilton will quit. Lets not forget Hamilton jumped into the Mercedes even though he was not fit, after George Russell confirmed what we knew all along. Hamilton won't go head to head with Max unless he has a significant advantage.

  2. John B

    What country would he ply his opinions?
    Would he be listened to, I doubt it
    Give Max the Merc and see who quits. Max will not need special clauses in his contract


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