Sep.17 - Jost Capito has played down the raging controversy surrounding the Max Verstappen-Lewis Hamilton crash at Monza, declaring that it was mere "racing".

Mercedes' engineering chief Andy Shovlin reports that seven time world champion Hamilton is still suffering from a "sore neck" after being struck on the helmet by the flying Red Bull.

"Fortunately, there is some time to recover before Sochi," he said.

Some believe the incident, which resulted in championship leader Verstappen taking a 3-place grid penalty for Russia, means the epic title battle is stepping too close to the red line.

"For me it was racing," Williams boss Capito said.

"I mean, we have the luxury of looking at it ten times in slow motion from every possible perspective, stopping every hundredth of a second to discuss it.

"But you have to realise how difficult it is for the guys in the car, making split second decisions. Accidents like Monza can simply happen," he added.

Capito said he therefore sees no need to ramp up the penalties at subsequent races in order to deter car-on-car contact for the rest of the season.

"Duels like this are the icing on the cake for Formula 1. I say let them fight!" he insisted.

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Williams team boss also plays down controversy between Verstappen-Hamilton

  1. Linda

    My goodness. Jos sounds like a Roman Emporer giving orders to Gladiators. " Let them fight." In that situation, one of them dies. Yes, let them race but race cleanly, with no more petulant driving & telling radio messages.

    • JJ75

      You have a short memory Linda...
      Just because Lewis didn't pick up a penalty here doesn't mean his licence is clean..the points on his licence speak volumes..Hamilton couldn't tell a straight line on a radio message, hey man my tyres are done..OK Lewis box man, leave me race..ugh
      Give me strength..

      • Linda

        JJ75 I don't remember mentioning penalty points, so not sure what that's got to do with my memory? 🤔 The radio message I was referring to was MVs "This is what happens when you don't leave space" while still parked on LHs head. That is nothing to do with LHs usual messages if, "My tyres are going" or various themes on that subject. I don't think anyone believes those messages anymore, anyway

        • JJ75

          Ur referring to 'clean' racing..but neglecting to forget that Lewis has had more incidents than verstappen, which are reflected on his overall points on his licence..which yes , some are expired, so while ur posts are pro Hamilton, his petulant driving has been the cause of his own for max saying that's what u get when u don't leave enough space?? What's the issue? That's how he saw the incident..I didn't hear Lewis apologise for Silverstone?? Would u like him to send him flowers and hold his hand while Lewis reversed out from under the car..era maybe u need to watch a more dainty sport..something like badminton??

          • JJ75

            Why 4 years?? I said Hamilton s points were mostly expired.. I'm not disputing his current points..what I am saying is overall he is not without fault, nor is he the clean saintly driver he is made out to be..he has been involved in prior incidents and been found guilty..verstappen is jumped on by the Lewis lynch mob everytime there's an incident between them..its getting a bit tiresome..

  2. True Post

    In my book this was ALWAY just a racing incident with the stewards mucking it up in Lewis' favor.

    Once the genius stewards noted that both drivers could have prevented the accident, there was no other conclusion possible.

    If neither driver contributed to preventing the accident, then both contributed to it. That is what a racing incident is.

    Now the genius stewards are telling us that they have the miraculous capacity to judge minor differences between two drivers causing an accident!



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