May 11 - Williams is preparing for "talks" with Audi about a Formula 1 tie-up with the Volkswagen-owned carmaker.

It comes amid rumours of Audi's other talks with Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo (Sauber), and after Zak Brown insisted in Miami that McLaren is "not for sale".

It may be a different story for Williams, which is now led by former Volkswagen rally boss and German Jost Capito. When at VW, the car giant dominated the world rally championship.

He moved to Williams from McLaren at the end of 2020 - just months after Williams was acquired from the founding family by Dorilton Capital.

When asked about the Audi rumours, Capito told Auto Bild: "It is interesting for every team to have a cooperation with a car manufacturer."

The VW board has now signed off on separate F1 projects for both Porsche and Audi.

"If that really is decided," Capito said, "then we will also hold talks.

"But there is still no definitive go and the engine regulations have not yet been definitively decided. As far as I know, the decision of the VW Group also depends on the engine regulations.

"I think that will be passed in the next few weeks and then we'll see."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Williams F1 team now also preparing for Audi 'talks'?

  1. shroppyfly

    Mcl 500M+ The fools said no, its already not British so i've lost interest in who owns it

    Sauber-control is everything BUT , come on Fred, you turned down Honda, don't turn down VW aswell

    AM out and out sale who knows, its a Geen Turd at the moment

    Williams , the money men paid i think 135M so pay 200M and its a deal?, who knows. would you?

    • ReallyOldRacer

      IMO, Shrop', Williams makes the most sense for Audi. They are, I think, destined to be a backmarker at best.,and probably an in-n-out failure. Might as well start out with a slow car.

      VW would be better advised to concentrate on Porsche.

  2. Andy

    If VW itself bought the rights to Red Bull PowerTrains and so the Honda engine, could they give it to both Audi and Porsche as a basis?

    • shroppyfly

      Andy , do you Honestly think Honda after spending gazillions of $ in this hybrid era, they'll just sell em on to Vw..!

      Nice easy plan , but F1 aint easy.!


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