Jan.17 - Porsche and Williams disappointed fans early this week amid expectations of a Formula 1 collaboration.

With Porsche's earlier plans to enter the sport with Red Bull also coming to nothing, some fans on social media on Monday spotted the signs of a potential Porsche-Williams project.

Ultimately, the Porsche news was the re-branding of its social media presence, leaving the iconic F1 team Williams to deny rumours of a tie-up.

"The rumours that Williams Racing is up for sale are inaccurate," a team spokesperson said.

However, a door was left open for the future.

"We are open to any discussions regarding the supply of engines with manufacturers from 2026 when the new engine regulations come in," the spokesperson added.

"We are happy with our relationship with Mercedes and appreciate all their efforts."

An announcement that is expected to shortly come to fruition, however, is the move of the McLaren sponsor Gulf Oil to Williams for 2023.

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One F1 fan comment on “Williams F1 team disavows reports of collaboration with Porsche

  1. shroppyfly

    Zak couldn't get Gulf to open there wallets wide enough to rival Shell, Mobil or Petronas, Williams-Gulf-Porsche perhaps?, my insiders saying Tescos are onboard is looking more secure now lol


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