Jun.5 - Sebastian Vettel says he is not concerned even though former teammate Mark Webber is preparing to 'tell all' in a forthcoming autobiography.

Australian Webber's book, called 'Aussie Grit' and set to be first published in July, will reportedly go into typically forthright detail as to what went on behind the scenes when the pair famously clashed as Red Bull teammates.

But, speaking in Montreal, Vettel said the pair actually gets on much better than what is publicly perceived.

"Despite the opinion in general that we don't get along, I think we have tremendous respect for each other," the Ferrari driver told Canada's CBC News.

"And we do talk to each other! I think our relationship is a lot better than people think, but obviously we went through some difficulties in the past," Vettel added.

As for the book and what exactly will be revealed, Vettel said he has spoken to Webber about it.

"He spoke to me about it," the 27-year-old confirmed.

"I think everyone has his side of the story so it's fine if he feels he needs to reveal his.

"I think he reveals whatever he thinks he needs to reveal -- it's not a problem for me," Vettel added.

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