Oct.26 - Sebastian Vettel insists he is not rethinking his decision to retire from Formula 1.

At Suzuka, the quadruple world champion admitted he might consider a one-off return in future but only at the Japanese GP venue, where he was voted 'driver of the day' by fans.

He repeated that feat in Austin, with Kevin Magnussen losing his battle for eighth place with the 35-year-old after a thrilling fight that culminated in a last-lap overtake by Vettel.

Vettel not reconsidering F1 retirement decision after good results

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Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22

"I have to say it was some driving from him," the Danish driver said. "That's when you really realise why he's a four-time world champion."

Some are even wondering if Vettel might even be now reconsidering his decision to retire, especially with Audi openly keen on signing up a German driver for the future.

"He's having a lot of fun in the car at the moment," Ralf Schumacher told Sky Deutschland.

"If he had to make a decision about his future today, I would say he wouldn't make the same one again. If things had gone this way from the beginning of the season, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have stopped."

When asked if he's regretting his decision, however, Vettel told Bild newspaper emphatically: "No.

"Of course I will miss moments like these - that's no secret. But I thought about the decision for a long time and also about moments like this and the adrenaline that I will miss.

"Part of me will miss it," he added, "but another part of me is looking forward to what's to come."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Vettel not reconsidering F1 retirement decision after good results

  1. Les

    RIC thinks he is better than Vettel because he beat him in 2014 , but that was the first year of the new cars which Merc dominated with from 2014 - 2021. Maybe Vettel took longer to adjust to those cars because Red Bull had so much downforce on the 2013 car.
    Vettel is a 4 time WDC for a reason and I was a big fan . Enjoy your retirement


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