Nov.29 - Sebastian Vettel says he is feeling "much more positive" as his six-year tenure with Ferrari comes to its end.

The quadruple world champion will leave the team after Abu Dhabi next month to join Aston Martin - but he is not expecting to win in 2021.

"Let's be honest - only those who drive a Mercedes can win," the 33-year-old German told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

"But I'm happy where I'm going, we have the potential to impress. And then in 2022 the rules will change so never say never."

Vettel has been visibly unhappy at Ferrari for some time, but more recently he has looked more competitive alongside Charles Leclerc - and happier.

When asked if the 2020 car simply did not suit his style, he answered: "That's not the problem - a driver adapts.

"Certainly my exit from the team didn't help, it was not the same situation as before. But even this experience has made me grow and now I am much more positive than four or five months ago.

"I am old enough to understand and accept decisions and have had a long time to reflect on the aftermath. I don't hold a grudge - I'm not the type for that.

"I have three more grands prix with Ferrari to do well and then I have the new challenge which I know will be fun."

Vettel said he was convinced to join Aston Martin by his next boss Otmar Szafnauer but also billionaire team owner Lawrence Stroll.

"He is a very successful man in business - he has shown that he can make the right decisions. The negotiations were direct and honest right from the start," he said.

"It is a special situation as my teammate will be his son Lance. We are all very motivated."

Vettel also revealed that he is unlikely to be followed to Aston Martin by his long-time race engineer Riccardo Adami, who also worked with the German driver at Toro Rosso.

"We have known each other forever and he is a friend, but I think Riccardo will stay at Ferrari.

"He is one of those who represents the values of Ferrari," he added. "I think Ferrari is a unique brand because there are people like him at Maranello."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Vettel 'much more positive' as Ferrari tenure ends

  1. Larry

    As a loyal and dedicated fan of F1 for over 30 years I must say this year, like the past 4 or 5, has become just become another mundane and boring season to follow and watch.

    My reasons are:
    Number 1 - there are far too many regulations now - on the drivers, on the requirements to change a set of tires, no longer take on fuel, and just not letting the racing teams demonstrate their creativity to race and perform. The DRS is, in my opinion, a false way to gain an advantage over equally performing cars - let the driver skill and car power be the determining factors! Let the teams decide if they want to go no stop, 1 stop, etc. Let the teams decide if they want to refuel or not. Let the teams decide how many tires or kinds of tires they want to use. Let the teams decide on the design of the aerodynamics of the cars - I understand there is a need to put delimiters on design - but not to the point where very car in the race looks almost identical to the next car except for the paint. It is just become so boring to watch a race now - after the first few laps unless a car retires or there is an accident, the outcome becomes fairly predictable.
    Number 2 - ever since the cars went to 6 cylinder cars, why is it with all the expertise and capabilities of the engineers that no one seems to catch a Mercedes car? Last year, when Ferrari became more competitive, all of a sudden this year that can't get past 10th place for most of the year. How is that? It seems that whenever a car becomes competitive to Mercedes they scrutinize every aspect of the car and find something to disqualify or penalize them. The same for Renault and Red Bull. Again, it is so boring to watch the sport when one team dominates the results for so many years.
    Number 3 - these trio of English commentators are very difficult to listen to. Every other word out of their mouths is Lewis Hamilton. At least the prior group had much more of a wider discussion across the portfolio of teams and drivers and not just one driver. It is difficult to constantly listen to their bias towards Mercedes and one English driver. I turn the sound off so as not to hear their gibberish throughout the race. The prior trio had much more experience as well - about the cars, the engines, the teams, etc. Bring back the older team!!
    Number 4 - F1 needs a fresh set of leadership to bring back the excitement to the sport. Let the teams and the drivers RACE!!!!!!

    • MichaelM

      Larry, your piece is seminal. The current regulations have transformed F1 races into processions. These freezes on correcting/improving have killed the sport and made it in a boring and anodyne show. Whoever qualifies first is assured to win the race. As for the English commentators, they're an appalling bunch that I can only think are in the pocket or payroll of LH, more pathetic yet, is their promotion of LH wokeness which should have a place on F1.

    • Swede

      I agree with all you have said, but I do love Martin Brundle's trackside pieces and understanding of the sport.

      It will get worse with the new regulations I think. Everyone trying to be politically correct with boring engines and use 1 ounce less fuel when they have an entourage of 1,000s of people behind the scenes using millions of gallons of fuel: driving to work, hauling bits around the globe, etc. What hypocrites.

      Who cares to watch Formula E? No thanks?

      eNASACAR? No thanks.

      eIndyCar? No thanks.

      • Swede

        Martin Brundle is a pure stud. Watch him jump out of that flipped F1 car in Melbourne in 1996 to run to the doctor to get approval to jump in the backup car! He is one of my personal heroes.


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