Jul.20 - Max Verstappen's father has advised Toto Wolff against picking up the phone to him in the future.

After the Red Bull driver's huge 51G shunt and brief hospitalisation on Sunday, Max and Jos Verstappen spent the night in a motel near Silverstone before returning to Monaco.

"Max is doing well so far. He's ok," Jos Verstappen told f1-insider.com.

"But it was an extremely hard impact. Max was winded. That's why he didn't want to say anything at the beginning in order to catch his breath."

Verstappen snr has no doubt that Lewis Hamilton was entirely to blame for the incident.

"It was Max's corner. Lewis accepted a collision in a very fast and therefore dangerous corner," he said.

Max's boss Dr Helmut Marko admits he is still angry with the seven time world champion, "because Hamilton played with Max's health".

But Jos is also furious with Toto Wolff, for not rebuking Hamilton's wild post-race celebrations while Verstappen was having his brain scanned in hospital.

"You don't celebrate a victory with such euphoria when your colleague is still in the hospital," Verstappen snr charged.

"As for Toto Wolff, we had good contact for years. He kept calling us with a honey-mouth and I think everyone knows why. But he didn't call yesterday.

"He no longer needs to call us anymore," Jos concluded.

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20 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen's father tells Wolff not to call him in the future

  1. Teresa Bailey

    Mercedes behavior just cost them their best future driver. Karma Toto. Also proves 7 titles sure didn’t bring Hamilton any class. He’s just a whiny self absorbed a**hole

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    The only question here is why ANYONE would want to have a confab with Jos The Abuser in the first place. Jos, your kid got lost in the red haze, look at his steering correction. Now rub a bit of BenGay and get your meal ticket back in the fight. As for a future MB ride, it was never gonna' happen. You personally burned that bridge a couple of years ago.

    • shroppyfly

      Hell fire , hes an arsonist too, things are worse than i thought, i do like the dutch but SS brought a whole new meaning to the phrase"Lets go Dutch " was slightly worried about BenGay too till i googled it , i mean i know they are quite liberal in Holland

  3. shroppyfly

    if we imagine MV has another 15yr yrs in f1 , its still likely hell race for mayb a couple more teams at least, hed be unwise to totally burn his bridges with teams, look at alonso , his only option was renault ....im just saying statistically its possible, Toto will be gone long before Max has finished racing, enemies today are tomorrows employer .

  4. Markus Brauns

    Hamilton is the "hooligan" of F1. Alonso always had more class, as well as Sebastian. Max deserves to win the driver's title. Stiffer penalties need to be introduced.

    • JJ75

      After perez and lands little shove a few wks ago that merited 5 penalty points, to shoving ur opponent into the tyre barrier, with such force that it makes s**t of ur car and u get a brain scan, and Lewis waltzes off with a 10 second penalty?? Are these stewards licking hallucinogenic toads?? The pathetic arms outstretched to the sky after the race was nauseating..I'm delighted he's talented at something because he's a deplorable sportsman..humble me arse..

      • Markus Brauns

        Probably had a lot to do with it happening at Silverstone. Hamilton's home grand prix. If this incident had happened, elsewhere, who knows. Still doesn't excuse Hamilton's actions. Brits don't have much to be happy about, since losing to Italy in the European Football Cup. Of course the British hooligans caused trouble again. The Queen must be soo proud of her racist football citizens. Such an embarrassment.


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