Dec.17 - Max Verstappen says 2021 title rival Lewis Hamilton should keep racing next year.

Mercedes' Toto Wolff joined Hamilton in boycotting Thursday's official FIA prize-giving ceremony - and even hinted that the seven time world champion is "disillusioned" and contemplating early retirement.

"I can understand being unhappy about what happened after the first few days," said Red Bull's new world champion Verstappen.

"But you also understand that this is racing and these things sometimes happen. I think it even happened to him before (in 2008) so I think he knows that.

"I think Lewis should just look at what he has achieved," said the Dutchman. "That should comfort him and encourage him to keep going, because he can still fight for the eighth title again next year.

"So I see no reason for him to give up or stop now," Verstappen, 24, insisted.

Mercedes boss Wolff, though, says being "robbed" of the title in this way is something he and Hamilton will probably "never" get over.

"It is definitely on a par with the 'hand of God' by Diego Maradona or the Wembley goal of 1966," he told Bild newspaper.

"My heart and soul still cry with every pore. When the principles of sport are disregarded and the stopwatch is no longer worth anything, one begins to question whether all the work, blood, sweat and tears are worth it."

Wolff stopped short of suggesting that race director Michael Masi should lose his job over the affair.

"I don't want to apply all this to a single person, but I'm currently not interested in a conversation with him," he said.

Wolff also clarified that he is not angry with Red Bull or Verstappen, even though officials for the energy drink owned camp have accused the Mercedes team boss of being a 'bad loser'.

"These are things that arise naturally from emotions," said Wolff. "But we don't take that personally.

"They deserve the win."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen urges Hamilton against early F1 retirement

  1. Susan Coombes

    I think Masi should quit. But Lewis you'll always be the greatest. Come back next year and show how a real Champion races and win the F1 title. Your fans and you need to show those at Red bull you are a True Champion and Toto get that car sorted early I the season so he can do the job early and with style.

  2. Teresa Bailey

    Grow a pair Lewis. What a crybaby along with the supreme whiner Toto Wolff. Hamilton should be angry at his team for such a poor strategy. He easily could have stopped for better tires long before the end. Duh. Poor sore losers. Throw another headset Toto you have to accept you got beat. And you contributed by being asleep during the race. They sure didn’t perform like multiple champs that final race. It’s called racing. Stop allowing teams to lobby during races. Settle it on the track. The sport has grown tired of Hamilton and all his politics and lame half baked promotions of “causes”. Shut up and races or sit home and suck your thumb. Lots of drivers would kill for your seat you ungrateful loser. Time to send Toto packing too…way past time.

  3. DAVID

    For a change Max had the right decision made in his favour and Hamilton and Mercedes should grow up and accept the decision and that not everything will always go their way. They was happy to except FIAs unfair decision in the first lap. Imagine if it had been Hamilton go off at Silverstone and not Max Verstappen

  4. True Post

    Max is a very exceptional, smart and clever person, aside from being an extraordinary driver he is a social genius. Contrary to Lewis (his only competition for now), here is a man who can ACTUALLY ADMIT to the luck that comes his way. When wrong comes to him he puts it behind him PDQ and moves on to the next challenge! And now, he's encouraging Lewis not to quit, another genius move.

    Did you ever hear Lewis say that he was at least a bit LUCKY to drive the best car for years? What does Lewis do when he loses? Pouts, threatens to quit, goes on and on about being robbed, won't live up to his obligation to show up to closing functions.

    What a wuss Lewis is.

    • shroppyfly

      Agreed True , its a genius stroke for his biggest competitator to basically goad him but in a kind hearted way, also agree Max has played it superbt well re the lucky comment, where as Hamster, well we all know what he does ...

    • Max fan

      That’s not fair you two, I wanted to be Max’s number one fan. And as for you Teresa you just want to be Max’s girlfriend, or maybe you already are.


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