Sep.8 - Zandvoort was proof that Max Verstappen has what it takes to withstand the pressure and capture his first world championship by the end of the season.

That is the view of former F1 racer and current Aston Martin reserve Nico Hulkenberg, who hailed Verstappen's dominance of his first home grand prix last weekend.

"Hats off to Max," Hulkenberg told Servus TV.

"Every day he saw how many people were coming there just for him, which as a person does something to you subconsciously.

"It was gigantic. Holland is a small country and they know how to run events. They did it perfectly.

"But it was really impressive how Max was able to deal with it," he said.

"Max showed that he can fight for the world championship. Mercedes tried everything to get him, and they won't give up. I suspect the fight will continue until the end of the season," the German added.

Hulkenberg, 34, continued: "It's an exchange of blows at eye level.

"I think the next two races in Monza and Sochi might suit Mercedes a little more - they are engine tracks. But it will really be about who makes fewer mistakes.

"Every decision can tip the scales."

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