Nov.9 - Max Verstappen says it's "pretty cheap" to point the finger at Valtteri Bottas after the Mexican GP.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes team boss Lewis Hamilton were critical of the way Bottas failed to robustly defend his position before Verstappen soared into the lead on lap 1.

Wolff suggested the Finn, who is departing for Alfa Romeo next year, left "a bus lane" of room.

Plenty of pundits suspect Bottas, who admitted to reporters in Mexico that he has already visited the Alfa Romeo factory and may even test the 2021 car after Abu Dhabi, is openly no longer interested in supporting Hamilton's push for the title.

"I don't think so," Wolff insists, "otherwise he wouldn't do a lap like he did on Saturday. The speed is absolutely there."

Seven time world champion Hamilton, now a full 19 points behind Red Bull's Verstappen with four races to go, also tempered his earlier criticism of Bottas.

"We all have bad days," he said.

Others are not so sure. Giancarlo Minardi wrote on his blog that Bottas failed to "help his teammate in any way" in Mexico.

Former Ferrari communications boss Alberto Antonini added: "What made Bottas crush Hamilton's hopes at the start? Childishness, or pride?"

Another popular Italian blogger, Leo Turrini, commented: "Whose side is Bottas on?

"My take is that Bottas lost his desire to be wingman when he heard that his career at Mercedes is over."

Former F1 driver Timo Glock told Sky Deutschland: "Hamilton has a good car, but that's not enough to beat Red Bull and Max.

"In my opinion, the problem with Mercedes is that Bottas no longer has the motivation to keep giving Hamilton unlimited support."

Championship leader Verstappen is quoted by the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf as saying it is "pretty cheap" to "put it all on Bottas" for Mercedes' Mexican disappointment.

"And Hamilton?" asked popular former F1 broadcaster Kai Ebel on RTL.

"He's not only busy with the world title fight, he's probably thinking about how things will be with George Russell next year.

"I think it's no longer the case that Mercedes are all pulling together as they were in previous years, when everything was easier for them," he said.

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen says it's 'pretty cheap' to blame Bottas for bad result

  1. True Post

    Max beat Lewis fair and square, he got Lewis in the first corner and was 16 seconds ahead at the end of the race. It was only a matter of time, even if Valtery had been three cars wide at the end of the straight.

    Lewis always needed a reason to lose, to come in second, to crash out, whatever.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    The two MB's could have gone two wide into turn #1 and blocked the entire track. That is modern strategy because it is so hard to pass on the track. Wasn't that long ago that blatant 'blocking' would get you a trip to the stewards. Fact is VER was way faster than the MB's and would have won anyway. He could have easily won that race by 45 sec..

    Time for MB (and the jaxaholics) to realize that (k)night is

  3. F1FaNG

    Does anyone remember how Ferrari defended their front-row lockout in 2019? The least VB could have done was to keep the racing line, which would have forced MV to move inside to the dirtier track, where traction and out-braking everyone else would not be guaranteed. I'd say that MB has a trojan horse in their team that has, and is going to cost them dearly!!

  4. f1award

    Should have farmed him out last year. As if an awful start wasn't bad enough he was unable overtake a Mclaren for over 30 laps. He might be of no help as a wingman but maybe he's just no capable, even in the 2nd best car on the grid.


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