Nov.28 - World champion Max Verstappen admits he is no longer a fan of Formula 1 street circuits.

Although the back-to-back title winner has collected all the major recent street track trophies including Monaco, Miami, Jeddah and Baku, he admits he has fallen out of live with the barrier-lined discipline.

"Formula 1 cars are really not made for that," he told the Dutch specialist magazine Formule 1. "I don't like street circuits at all anymore.

Fans should thank Max Verstappen according former F1 boss

Max Verstappen

"It was still manageable with the old cars, but not now. In Monaco and Singapore I was really disappointed with how the new cars took to the streets.

"Too heavy, too stiff, you can't take kerbs with it anymore. The cars just aren't built for it. Good for pictures, not for racing," the Dutchman smiled.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen no longer likes to race on F1 street circuits

  1. Blo

    There are at least 4 drivers who will barge him right back if he continues to use his aggressive driving style. He has the finesse needed if he can mature and control the aggression. On the other hand if the other teams can’t put a competitive car and strategy out he can do what he likes.

    • shroppyfly

      So like the 22 season then , if your out in front build a 3 second gap you'll win, surely that's the same for anyone, i presume you mean charlie,piela boy, chuckie and the Dame, what about the grand Omelette Meister and King G, Max drove differently this year to win, he didn't need to street fight the Dame, compared to the 21 season , yes this year was less aggressive, we can slag Max all we like but what was it, 2yrs on the run Senna and Prost crashing into each other to decide the championship, but still they are Gods in f1, we hail MSC as a god, but crashing into Damon to get the 94 title, and yet the Dame wins all his titles , can we remember how he won them, memorable? ill be honest I cant, AM I really hope they get it together, hundreds of new employed mainly Brits in a sparkling new factory, Inflation and cost of living worries, a lot of worries there, I agree pretty much with everyone they arent going to be a superteam with Smurf Jnr in the car,And lets face it Only got "Gp2 Gp2 I dont care", because 1. Renault fecked up, 2, Stroll has deep pockets 3. Who else was better than Alonso for the seat and was available


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