Jul.30 - Max Verstappen says the saga following his 51G crash at Silverstone has only reinforced his notion that "I'm on the right team".

The championship leader's comments come as the FIA on Thursday rejected the arguments made by Red Bull about the penalty imposed on Lewis Hamilton for the highly contentious British GP incident.

In a statement, the stewards even noted "with some concern certain allegations" made by Red Bull in an attempt to make Hamilton's penalty harsher.

It is also clear to what extent Red Bull pushed to highlight Mercedes driver Hamilton's guilt - including Alex Albon demonstrating in an older Red Bull during a filming day at Silverstone last week the line taken by Hamilton into Copse corner.

The stewards, however, said Red Bull failed to demonstrate "significant and relevant" new evidence.

In its own statement, Mercedes then lashed out at Red Bull.

"We hope this decision will mark the end of a concerted attempt by the senior management of Red Bull Racing to tarnish the good name and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton," part of that statement read.

Seven time world champion Hamilton, who confirmed he spoke to Verstappen last week, also doubled-down on his manoeuvre.

"I'd do it exactly the way I did it last time. With all my experience, and over the years I've been through a lot, I wouldn't change it," he insisted.

Verstappen, though, has a similar view about his own driving.

"I don't think I did anything wrong," said the Dutchman. "I could have pushed him into the wall as well."

He also continued to slam Mercedes for "disrespectful" post-race celebrations, and confirmed that while Hamilton called him last week, Toto Wolff did not.

"All the other drivers and team bosses sent me a message or something similar," said Verstappen.

As for Hamilton's celebrations, he added: "After a victory like that, you can't pretend that nothing is wrong. I would never do that in any case.

"This shows what Mercedes is really like. If it had been the other way around, I definitely would have deserved a kicking and my dad would tell me that too."

Verstappen also clarified that Hamilton "did not apologise".

"In the end it doesn't matter much anymore, but of course I wasn't happy with what happened and I am still not."

However, Verstappen's stance is at least understandable, given that he said the crash was "certainly not good for my body".

"Everything felt stiff," he admitted. "But if I had to drive the next day, I would have. I would never let anyone else race in my car.

"But you certainly cannot have too many impacts like that in a row."

Overall, it is one of the biggest and most exciting controversies in Formula 1 for some time, likened by most as at least approaching the intensity of Senna-Prost.

"It's great for Formula 1," former Red Bull driver Christian Klien told Servus TV.

"It has boiled up now and will continue."

Klien even backs Hamilton's post-race exuberance, saying incidents like those "have to be remembered".

"It would not have been good for Lewis if he had woken up the alpha animal in Verstappen."

Verstappen, though, is at least happy with the support he has received from Red Bull - and is clearly comfortable with his decision to resist Mercedes' earlier overtures.

"How they reacted and handled everything shows that I'm on the right team. They will walk through fire for me," he said.

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Title rivals Verstappen & Hamilton still say they both did nothing wrong

    • Linda

      Really? So there? Were you stamping your feet like a churlish child & spitting your dummy out whilst coming out with So there? 🙄 You would fit in well with the management at Red Bull, who are doing the same thing. Basically conjuring up "new evidence. " What a joke

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Linda, let me pile on here just a bit. I am OK with this being termed a racing crash caused by two alphas unwilling to yield. I'm even OK with HAM shouldering more of the blame. But, to point, it is a bit disingenuous for VER to claim the high road when just a few weeks ago he was quoted saying that his father had taught him that his job was to destroy the competition at any cost. AS for the doc's baseless protest, that's just who he is.....a jerkwad.

        Also, I'm no HAM defender, but he did physically see VER walking on his own and did inquire on the radio re his condition before celebrating the victory. It was only during post-race interview that he learned VER had gone to the hospital, not for an injury but for precautionary tests.

        Churlish children, indeed, on both sides. Facts are facts.

  1. Smokey

    The statement ""All the other drivers and team bosses sent me a message or something similar," said Verstappen." is probably true.
    The other drivers and team bosses most likely asked him what it was like to take his own medicine, and for others to do unto him as he does to them!
    Verstappen saying he did nothing wrong and could have pushed Hamilton into the wall is testimony to his attitude to other competitors. Very poor attitude with no respect for others. His history in F1 is evidence of that fact!

  2. Les

    I'm done with F1 and their stupid rules. Vettel gets disqualified for not having enough fuel , while Hamilton puts Max into the barriers at high speed and doesn't get disqualified.
    I'm done as a fan and I have been following F1 since 1978.

    • Smokey

      Whether you agree with the rules or not is inconsequential. All the teams and drivers are conversant with the rules which, in theory, are designed to create fairness and a level playing field.
      I have been closely following F1 since 1960, and since then I notice it has become a business rather than a sport, and there is now no respect between the drivers for each other as there was enjoyed by the greats such as Fangio, Brabham, Clark, Hill and Surtees et al.
      The drivers of today do not show the sportsmanship and fair play that was evident in the pre-1980's, before Bernie turned it into a business.
      As for the Max and Lewis incident, it really was a case of Lewis deciding not to yield to Max any more. I am not a Hamilton fan, however, it was time that someone gave Max a bit of his own back!
      Take it or leave it, because it is what it is!

  3. Les

    Smokey . They are stupid rules where a driver gets disqualified from the race for not having enough fuel left and Hamilton doesn't get disqualified for putting a fellow driver in the barrier with a 51g impact.
    You say rules are there for everybody but then ignore the stewards decision re Hamilton. He was at fault , it was a dangerous at that corner , he should have been disqualified . End of story , I don't care about your opinion or any body else on that subject Hamilton should have been disqualified.


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