Apr.1 - Haas' only goal for 2021 is to race Williams at the very back of the grid.

That is the admission of boss Gunther Steiner, who openly admits that the small American team will not attempt to develop the 2020 car at all.

"It will be good if we can compete with Williams," he said. "That is all we can do and I believe that we are quite capable of it.

"We will not make any effort to achieve something more," Steiner, who says Haas' full resources are being put into the all-new car for 2022, added.

Haas headed into the 2021 season with the all-rookie lineup of Mick Schumacher alongside Nikita Mazepin.

"I think the maximum we can do this year is to prepare the drivers - to give them the opportunity to gain experience," Steiner said.

"All of this will be useful to them when we have a more competitive car at our disposal. That is exactly our plan for the season."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Steiner admits Haas can only fight for last place this season


    Gunther has quite the ego and has not produced. If I am a sponser, his statement is not acceptable. "why am I wasting my money on a last place finisher". Haas has the resourses to engineer better! Leadership on the technical side is missing.

    • shroppyfly

      As proven by Paddy Lowe at Williams , its not always the tech side that can solve problems , you need a lot of cash too,and if GH isnt prepared to self fund improvement for the team, then let them eat Caviar........Comrade


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