May 31 - Adrian Newey has warned that Formula 1's sweeping rule changes for 2026 threaten to slow the cars down too much.

When Honda last week announced its fully-fledged return to the sport for 2026 in a works collaboration with Aston Martin, the Japanese carmaker said the FIA's rules vision was the key to the deal.

"In pursuit of its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, F1 will implement new regulations with an engine-electric motor maximum power output ratio of 50-50," Honda said.

"This will represent a significant increase in the deployment of electrical power compared to the current ratio, while use of a 100 percent sustainable fuel is also required."

When asked about the 2026 rules this week, Red Bull's famous technical guru Newey said F1 obviously requires regulations otherwise the cars would be "ridiculous, like simple rockets".

However, he warned that the 2026 rules might be going too far.

"The regulations are important, otherwise the safety of this sport would become a very serious concern," he is quoted by Corriere dello Sport.

"But the changes presented for 2026, with the objectives set by the FIA addressing important issues such as environmental sustainability, pose a threat to the sheer speed and performance that the cars currently exhibit."

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One F1 fan comment on “Speed vs Sustainability: Newey questions F1's 2026 rule revolution

  1. MBD

    Net Zero?! What about all the hundreds of thousand cars that the fans drive to the track for three days of racing at each location? Not even factoring the flight the fans take to all the venues. The F1 cars are just a fly on the elephant emissions-wise. But if it make them feel better than just continue with the Net Zero charade.


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