Jul.5 - Spa-Francorchamps and Paul Ricard are missing from a newly-circulating provisional draft of the 2023 Formula 1 calendar, according to two authoritative newspapers.

De Limburger, a Dutch newspaper, claims next year's schedule will begin on March 5 in Bahrain following an official three-day test at the same Sakhir circuit.

"Two weeks later, Saudi Arabia is next on the provisional calendar, followed a week later by Australia," revealed correspondent Erik van Haren.

He said the schedule could swell from 23 to 24 grands prix if China releases its covid measures sufficiently to allow for Shanghai's return after a three-season absence.

As for the current races in France and Belgium, they have been "excluded from the calendar".

"Spa-Francorchamps can still hope a little for a one-year extension, if a new race in South Africa doesn't happen," van Haren added in a report echoing similar claims in De Telegraaf newspaper.

The reports said Monaco could also get a new deal.

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21 F1 Fan comments on “Spa and Paul Ricard could be missing on next years F1 calendar

  1. CanadianEh

    Over the years, F1 circuits have come and gone. However, removing Spa would be like removing one of the original six teams in the NHL. It is a circuit the driver like to get their teeth into as it meanders up-hill and down-dale in the Ardennes. And what would Formula 1 be without Eau Rouge!

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    Paul Ricard HTTT's & Spa-Francorchamps' futures have been under threat for a little while already, so nothing in this regard.
    However, separating Bahrain & Saudi would be pointless as nothing was wrong with this double-header this season + Jeddah-Melbourne double wouldn't necessarily be better jet lag-wise since west-east travel is generally worse.
    Melbourne-Sakhir-Jeddah triple would be the best compromise for both travel & jet lag, & even Sakhir-Jeddah-Melbourne would be better, i.e., March 12, 19, & 26 as respective race days.
    Pointless, especially, as Sakhir & Jeddah will get re-paired in 2014 anyway, with both occurring post-Ramadan that year rather than before.
    Also, otherwise, even if separation remained a one-off thing.
    Here's how I've tried to envision next season's schedule featuring both Kyalami & Shanghai (& staying in early-season instead of returning to late-season even temporarily), but without Paul Ricard & Spa + with some personal wishes.
    Bahrain GP 12.3
    SA GP 19.3
    Australian GP 26.3
    South African GP 9.4
    Chinese GP 23.4
    Miami GP 7.5
    Spanish GP 21.5
    Monaco GP 28.5
    Azerbaijan GP 11.6
    Canadian GP 18.6
    British GP 2.7
    Austrian GP 9.7
    Emilia-Romagna GP (Imola) 23.7
    Hungarian GP 30.7
    Dutch GP 27.8
    Italian GP (Monza) 10.9
    Singapore GP 24.9 (alternatively, a week later meaning a 3-week gap post-Monza like this season)
    Japanese GP 8.10
    US GP (COTA) 22.10
    Mexico City GP 29.10
    LV GP 4.11
    Sao Paulo GP 19.11
    Qatar GP 3.12
    Abu Dhabi GP 10.12

    • Jax

      Eliminating Spa hurts. It's not dead yet. But not bad.
      I'd make just 2 adjustments re the U.S races. Put LV before Mexico and group TX with the Miami GP to avoid the Hurricane season. TX been lucky so far but the risk is real.

      • Jere Jyrälä

        The Austin/Elroy area doesn't have a hurricane season like Miami, so the late-season flyaway phase is perfectly okay.

        Therefore, I don't necessarily wish for COTA shifting to early-season, even if I wouldn't hugely mind such a move either.

        • Jax

          That area may not be in the direct path of a hurricane, but the outer bands can produce a deluge. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want a Spa 2021 scenario!

  3. smokey

    Of course these are only the opinions of us, the fans of F1, and will be given little or no consideration by Liberty.
    From my perspective, I would axe the LV car park and Qatar, and replace them with Spa and Paul Ricard. It would be travesty if there was no race in the country that enabled the birth of motor racing.


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