May 5 - Oliver Mintzlaff, one of the top new CEOs at Red Bull in the wake of founder Dietrich Mateschitz's death, has scolded Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Wolff is making no secret of his quest to snatch Max Verstappen away from Red Bull amid the energy drink company's current power struggle and the Christian Horner scandal.

"I understand the pressure that Toto Wolff and perhaps other teams are under after years of being second to none," Mintzlaff told Bild am Sonntag newspaper on a rare visit to the Formula 1 paddock.

"But I think Mr Wolff should concentrate on his challenges," he added in Miami. "He has enough of those. It is also a matter of respect to keep talking about other teams' personnel.

"That is not appropriate," the German businessman insisted.

A key ally of Wolff's in F1 is Zak Brown, CEO of the Mercedes-powered team McLaren, who revealed in Miami that plenty of CVs belonging to Red Bull team members are currently flying around the paddock.

"Of course he wants to stoke the fire," triple world champion Max Verstappen said when asked about Brown predicting an exodus of Red Bull staff now that Adrian Newey is departing.

"It's probably part of the game, but I'm not into that," the Dutchman added. "I saw the headline on the internet, but I didn't even click on it.

"Everyone is obviously attracted to our people. That's pretty normal."

However, The Times newspaper reports that Red Bull's long-time sporting boss Jonathan Wheatley may also now be in the process of planning his departure.

"Of course you never know what will happen in the future," said Verstappen. "Many agreements are in place within the team, but ultimately it's important that everyone is happy with his or her work and also feels appreciated.

"There are a lot of human aspects involved."

As for Mintzlaff getting involved in the fray, Verstappen says he welcomes that.

"I have a good relationship with Oliver," he said. "He is not always here at the races, but of course he sees everything. And when he is there, like here in Miami, he naturally gets questions about it."

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