Sep.9 - The only way Formula 1 can ensure "more interesting races" is for the sport's authorities to intervene.

That is the view of McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl, whose driver Carlos Sainz finished second behind Pierre Gasly last weekend at Monza.

The result was widely hailed, if only because it was a temporary break in Mercedes' apparently increasingly dominant grip at the top of Formula 1.

"Given Mercedes' dominance, for which they worked hard for several years to achieve, they obviously deserve to be where they are. But unfortunately it leads to boring races," Seidl told

"So it's obviously a good thing when something like Monza happens right now. And I am absolutely convinced that with what is coming from 2022, with the budget ceiling and technical regulations that should make everyone closer together on the track, we will hopefully have a new normal in F1," he added.

But even if that turns out to be true, it is still bad news not only for the rest of the 2020 season, but also for the entirety of next year when the pecking order is expected to remain static.

"I believe the only way to have more interesting races in the next year and a half will be to artificially slow Mercedes or create other conditions like with reverse grids. That is the reality we are in," said Seidl.

"I don't think you can solve the problem by developing different tyres to create more pit stops. Because then Mercedes would simply give full throttle for the first ten laps and even before the first one they are back out in front," the German added.

Seidl said he is no fan of artificial measures to spice up the show, but he thinks it is the only way for now.

"I think that's the discussion that Mercedes should have with the FIA or Formula 1, if they are open to something like that," he said.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Seidl: F1 should 'artificially slow' Mercedes

  1. Ayolaw

    Yes, "artificially slow Mercedes", and destroy the DNA of F1. It's Merc today, tomorrow it would be any other team. There were periods when McLaren dominated.
    Go "artificial" and it will no longer be F1, and it will lose a chunk of real F1 followers

  2. Ian Gilson

    Even Ferrari have had dominant periods and have won world championships so its their time in the middle of the pack. Penalizing Mercedes for being champions with the best driver in the world is a stupid (that s about the is the least offensive comment I would make) and asinine idea imo.

  3. Ian T Gilson

    There is often less than 1 second covering the top 14 cars on qualifying. You cant get much more equal than that. Red Bull is frequently within 2 tenths of Hamilton. That is equality imo.


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